Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I’m getting to like this guy!

Spitzer’s now in an all out war with fellow Democrat Sheldon Silver, the Speaker of the NYS Assembly and a law-making trial lawyer – a partner in the law firm Weitz & Luxenberg.

Spitzer has promised serious reform in New York and both Sheldon Silver and Joe Bruno are standing in his way.

Breaking the Silver/Bruno hold on NYS government would be a pretty good start on real reform.

Imagine that, a politician who actually tries to keep a campaign promise!

New York NEEDS real political reform really bad!!! So, I'm pulling for Eliot in this one.

Go Eliot GO!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, JMK, I liked him taking on the two bozos as well.

Problem with Spitzer is that he seems to think he is the only person who was elected.

The decision on replacing Hevesi was clearly the legislature's, not the governor's.

Remember, this is the guy who told the assembly minority leader "I am a fucking steamroller...".

Methinks Spitzer's ego could become a problem.

JMK said...

You're certainly right about Spitzer's ego, Mal, and I'm being way too hopeful of his actually instituting anything either of us would probably call "positive reforms," but anyone who takes on Sheldon Silver gets kudos from me, at least on that score.

Silver has been a cancer in NY politics for decades.

A lawyer/legislator who embraces that innate conflict of interest at every turn and laughs at the suckers/voters as he does that.

Any Assembly annointed replacement for Hevesi has that institutional taint on him.

While I'm not too hopeful about Spitzer long-term, I'd truly love to see him steamroll Shelly Silver.

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