Friday, February 9, 2007

Bwaaaa Haaaa! gets it WRONG...Yet AGAIN!!!

In a recent ad that vaunted Left-wing advocacy group took on a few Republicans for supporting the troop surge, sadly as relates, “The liberal group attacks GOP Senators Warner, Smith, and Brownback for supporting an "escalation" they oppose.”

Boy! Poor George Soros just isn’t getting much bang for his buck these days!

I guess it really is hard to find good help now-a-days.

Well, facts certainly have never been MoveOn’s strong suit, but it is nice to see them called on it every once in awhile.

In it’s summary states, “ Political Action began airing ads attacking four Republican senators in their home states, accusing them of favoring escalation of the war in Iraq and saying all are "willing to send tens of thousands more troops to face danger in Iraq." The ads clearly misrepresent the stands of three of the targeted senators, who in fact had publicly expressed strong disapproval of sending additional US troops.”

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