Monday, September 17, 2018

"THIS is NOT a Midterm, It's a Re-Elect" (Steve Bannon)

Everything is at stake for both Globalists and Nationalists alike, in these 2018 Midterms. (

Steve Bannon is right, "This is NOT a Midterm, it's a Re-Elect!"

It's hard to put ANY faith at all in what you hear/read from the Corporate Globalist media. Their polls, like their "news reports" are all too often fictionalized.

That's why Conservatives, Libertarians and Nationalists of all stripes MUST ignore the noise and get out and vote, November 6th...AND, if possible, to DONATE.

Today, a little over fifty days from Election Day, the Senate looks more likely, than not to remain in GOP hands, with only 8 seats in contention, with FL, AZ, ND, IN UT & MO looking good for the GOP, and NJ & TX, surprisingly both tossups.

West Virginia and Montana are also very tight races.

In the House, there are allegedly 39 seats that are up for grabs. Most of those in traditionally Red areas.

Will the Democrats be able to pull enough of those out to win back the House?

The GOP absolutely needs the Senate, but as Steve Bannon says, "Losing the House would effectively ground the Trump Presidency to a halt."

What can you do if you live in a reliably Red, or Blue district?

First, you can DONATE.

Money wins elections, because money sways votes.

You can also volunteer. Look around for nearby contests that might be close and, if you have some time, volunteer.

Florida is leaning Red, and NJ is very close, with Billionaire, former Marine, Bob Hugin putting heavy pressure on the vulnerable Bob Menendez. In Missouri, Claire McCaskill has never been more vulnerable and now, supposedly trails Josh Hawley in the polls.

We SHOULD NOT TRUST these media polls.

2016 was a shocking upset that put a political outsider in the White House. That’s a BIG problem for our multinational conglomerates, international banks and their bought & paid for political-media class. It is NOT A PROBLEM for average citizens, either Democrat, nor Republican.

Bannon has been freed to sell Nationalism in Europe and around the world and he's been doing that very effectively.

There are NO "globalist interests," for any average working people. A Nationalist outcome WILL NOT harm you, Left, or Right.

It would almost certainly bolster the stock markets, strengthen the USD and lead to more balanced trade deals that will help both European and American workers.

In short, the Globalist agenda is NOT for you.

You have NOTHING to lose if the EU implodes, the Euro crashes and America's Globalist political-media class is effectively replaced.

The same can't be said if the Anglo-American Globalist agenda is revived.

2016 was a shock, but 2018 is THE fight. Winning means keeping BOTH Houses of Congress.

Winning means real...longterm change.

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