Monday, September 24, 2018

Tolerance AGAINST Itself...

Childhood Transgenderism and the Implosion of "Tolerance"
Have you seen this video (

There's a hard reality to this.

Transgenderism IS classified as a mental illness, because it is one.

The recent Rite Aide shooter in Baltimore, Snochia Moseley (,amp.html) was an angry, alienated transgendered person.

Identifying as a gender your not, is denying reality. THAT is a mental illness.

Sex Reassignment Surgery, hormones, etc. DO NOT change your're STILL what you were born, no matter how much you deny it.

How come such "tolerance" is so selective. There are those who want us to accept transgenderism, multiculturalism, Marxism and other such denials of reality, but the SAME folks are themselves extremely intolerant of Nazis, Ritual Serial Killers, Nationalists, New Black Panthers, etc., which are all also just "other ways of seeing the world."

True "tolerance" is NOT selective.

Which is why tolerance is NOT a universally positive trait.

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