Monday, September 10, 2018

WHY Is THIS Killing Manslaughter?

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Amber Guyger and Botham Jean

I DON’T get how a 30 y/o Dallas Police Officer (Amber R. Guyger) could possibly mistake another apartment for her own...even if she was really, REALLY impaired. I also wonder if she was tested at the scene the night this happened. I’m guessing, maybe not?

I also DON’T get how it could take THREE DAYS for her to be arrested after she shot and killed a neighbor in HIS apartment, claiming she mistook the unit for her own and the man for an intruder.

AND...I REALLY DON’T GET how Officer Guyger was charged with...(gulp!)...manslaughter!
HOW does ANY of that happen?

This is NOT what I’d call “police violence,” it’s something else. Amber Guyger was off duty and acting as a resident of an apartment complex and not a cop.

How impaired does someone have to be to come home drunk, or drugged enough to mistake a neighbor’s apartment for her own and then shoot that neighbor, after “mistaking HIM for an intruder.”

NONE of that makes any sense at all, to me.
I wonder IF the Dallas PD can be counted on to thoroughly investigate this incident.

I mean IF Ms. Amber Guyger and Mr. Botham Jean had an...un-neighborly co-existence? Under those conditions, this would take on a very different a 1st degree murder patina.

Maybe I'm cynical, but the "mistaken identity" story makes no sense, while the "I hate my neighbor" scenario does.

As it stands, I DON’T get how this is being charged as manslaughter right now. Her gun didn’t go off accidentally.

SHE entered the wrong apartment.

SHE shot the resident in HIS own apartment after an unwarranted entry.

Hmmmm, THAT sounds like 2nd degree murder to me.

Think of how the charges would’ve played out had a drunken Botham Jean wandered into Amber Guyger’s apartment and shot her to death after “mistaking her for an intruder.”

Do you think THAT would’ve been charged as manslaughter?

Do you think it would’ve taken 3 whole days to make an arrest in that instance?

I’m thinking...NOT.

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