Friday, August 31, 2007

Violent Crime has DOUBLED in England Over the Past 10 YEARS!!!

The Labour Party came to power in England back in 1997 promising, at the time, to tackle both crime and its causes.

Ah, 1997 - "The GOOD OLD Days!"

Since then violent crime has doubled in jolly old England.

Before he left office, Tony Blair addressed the problem of out of control violence by Britain's non-white (mostly Muslim) population. The statistics are undeniable. Violent crime has doubled from 60,000 offernses in 1998-1999 to over 120,000 offenses in 2005-2006!

The problem seems to be that Britain's tough penalties for violent crimes are rarely, if ever enforced. " Norman Brennan, Director of the Victims of Crime Trust, has said, "None of the new legislation that they (Labour) have introduced has made any difference at all. It's just been window dressing. There were already heavy penalties on the statute books for going armed for the purpose of committing a crime - you can get a life sentence - but they are just not enforced and youngsters know it."

Sound familiar, doesn't it?

People respond to incentives. Laws can't make people any better, they can merely raise the costs of anti-social and violent behavior...and that's often the best we can hope to do. Make the costs for violent criminal behavior steep enough that the thugs either avoid those activities due to their higher costs, or wind up in jail for such actions for an inordinate amount of time.

Beyond that, prisons should re-emphasize punishment. Prisons were more effective when few inmates were able to survive tens years locked up. Today, inmates can work-out, use the prison library, etc. Many of them come out of prison better equipped to commit crimes and more knowledgable about crimes than when they went in.

Of course, people who are worked nearly to death, don't have time for such perverse self-improvements.

And there's still another thing England has in common with America - an aversion for facing a stark reality, that England's crime rate has skyrocketed along with its Arab/Muslim population.

A focus on community policing and more jail time for violent offenders are all good palces to start, BUT simply expelling its burgeoning Arab/Muslim population would be the fastest and most drastic way that England could reduce its violent crime rate!

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