Thursday, August 23, 2007

I Wonder WHY...

....Why were so many firefighters sent up to the 14th floor of a raging inferno in veritable vacant, toxic waste dump...WITHOUT any water? You never send firefighters into a fire area WITHOUT a charged line. Yes, in occupied buildings, Truck Companies often force entry, search and vent ahead of the Engine's hoseline, BUT (1) they KNOW the hoseline is coming (and not an hour from when they start their search) and (2) Companies operating ahead of the hoseline generally do so with extreme caution, as a fallen or trapped firefighter becomes part of the problem and diverts precious resources AWAY from the search for other victims.

Why was there no fire plan established for the Deutsche Bank building even though the city was mandated to have one?

Why were BOTH standpipe systems out of order despite claims that City law required that at least ONE of those ALWAYS be servicable?

Why were FDNY inspections of the Deutsche Bank building reportedly suspended?

Reports state that the FDNY was "fortunate to have lost only two members last Saturday," as scores of other firefighters cut their way through thick plastic sheeting to reach the exterior scaffolding around the building.

Two more FDNY firefighters were hurt today, as the first of the two Funerals was held for the younger of the two firefighters killed last Saturday (33 y/o Joe Graffagnino), at least one of them is in serious condition, after a large pump fell from some scaffolding.

Why is the Deutsche Bank building still standing SIX YEARS after 9/11???

Yes, originally Deutsche bank and its insurers wrangled over whose responsibility the demolition was, then the LMDC bought the building from Deutsche Bank and began demolition, when remains from 9/11 were found inside the building back in 2004. The families of the 9/11 victims sued and demolition was halted for awhile.

So far, this 41 story building has been reduced to a 26 story toxic dump replete with toxic black mold, asbestos, leadand many other toxic substances.

Earlier this week, the John Galt Contractor was fired because its workmen repeatedly engaged in unsafe practices in that workplace.

I smell lawsuits...and lots of'em!


Anonymous said...

I note from the news that there is considerable fallout from this disaster, and I'm sure there's more to come.

I'm afraid that, in general, safety issues are honored more with a wink and a nod than with serious concern by industry, government, and, sad to say, by private citizens.

JMK said...

That's true Gerry.

The guys at 10 & 10 (Engine 10 and Ladder 10) claim that they were told they weren't to inspect that building due to the toxic hazards over a year ago and that that's why the inspections were suspended.

I don't know if that's true, and if that order wasn't given in writing, the Captain from ther, who was demoted, will probably have little recourse.

There were a LOT of major screw-ups in that disaster, including that of the demolition companies that hired crews that didn't adhere to any of the posted guidelines.

Still, an earlier directive recommended sending up a small recon team, before committing other members and THAT would've saved lives....and it wasn't done.

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