Friday, August 31, 2007

Larry Craig Ready to Resign Tomorrow (Saturday, September 1, 2007)?

It looks like Larry Craig (R-ID) will announce his resignation on Saturday, effective September 30th..

If he was guilty of seeking some hot "man on man action" in an airplane restroom, he probably should've resigned sooner, as that kind of thing is generally frowned upon ("not that there's anything wrong with that") because it reeks of reckless and irresponsible judgment, which is a pretty negative trait in a public office holder. If he was innocent, he should've fought the initial charges and NOT pleaded down to misdemeanor "disturbing the peace."

But WHY is it that Republicans continue do the "right thing" (resign) in the wake of such scandals, while Democrats seem to revel in the debauchery?

Seriously, I don't get it!

I'm afraid I must once again give my Party (I remain a registered Democrat....I like to call myself a "Zell Miller-Democrat") some much needed advice.

The next time such a scandal touches a fellow Democrat (and believe me, there WILL be a "next time"...and sooner, rather than later) we should take on the tack of going the Republicans one better. Forget contrition and the tearful resignations, no, I say, in celebration of "diversity" and in honor of our "Muslim brothers" we should take out the next Democrat involved in such a scandal and stone him/her to death in the public square.

What could be better than that?!

We kill two birds with one stone (no pun intended). First, we show our utter contempt at moral depravity, while at the very same time giving a wink and a nod to Muslim culture! And think of the ratings!!! My GOD...the ratings for such an event would be through the roof!

I know what you're thinking, maybe I haven't thought this all the way through.....but I HAVE!

Democrats, like Republicans have a "Muslim problem" - not to put too fine a point on it, they think we hate them.

OK, so most of us do, but that's besides the point. In doing this, we silence those critics who think that Democrats "celebrate moral depravity and decay," while at the same time reaching out across cultural lines to our Muslim pals, by engaging in one of their most time honored traditions - stoning.

Hey, it's true, sometimes even savages have some pretty good ideas! Welcome Muslims and grab a stone to throw.

Think about it....we could really have some fun with this.


Anonymous said...

But WHY is it that Republicans continue do the "right thing" (resign) in the wake of such scandals, while Democrats seem to revel in the debauchery?
Seriously, I don't get it!

me neither..and I still consider myself a democrat - liberal at that.

JMK said...

It's a shame Rachel, that the likes of Rep Stokes (who had sex with an under-aged Page) and Barney Frank's who's roomate ran a gay brotherl out of his Washington, D.C. residence were not urged to resign by their Party.

To me, it's a tacit endorsement of that kind of behavior by some fanatical Left-wingers in the Democratic Party.

I think it's important to define our terms somewhat, Rachel...I'd think you're more an FDR Liberal, rather than a Jimmy Carter or Al Gore Liberal.

Those are two very distinct breeds.

Above all, you appear to be an independent thinker, the hard-Left or the extreme Liberals (Moore, Gore, Franken, etc.) are not....they're all "born again members of the Church of EXTREME Liberalism." They take most of their beliefs on FAITH, you don't.

P.S. I remain a registered Democrat, although NOT a "liberal" one. I'd call myself a "Zell Miller Democrat."

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