Tuesday, September 11, 2018

God's Plan?...

I occasionally hear from some 9/11 survivors, the belief that the reason those who survived that day, did so, because "God had a plan for us." That's NOT an uncommon belief.

The reason I take issue with the idea that those who survived, did so because, "God had a plan for them," is that it insinuates that God had no plan, nor use for those murdered that day.

I understand how survivors try to make sense of their survival, while so many others perished, through such beliefs. It IS completely understandable. I recently saw a video of interviews with survivors from the USS Forestall fire (1967). Many of those men expressed the same kinds if thoughts.

While I AM spiritual, in that I believe in some form of Creator, I am NOT religious, so I see things quite differently.

I DON'T think God, "just didn't have a plan" for the guy carjacked and killed yesterday, or that "His plan" was to use that guy, or those murdered on 9/11 as some sort of "cautionary tale."

I believe in free will and self-directed action. I DO NOT believe in predestination, nor any specific "Divine plan." Then again, I don't believe in an anthropomorphic (manlike) God. From my view, the Creator, is more likely to be an energy source, perhaps consciousness itself. Who can know such things?

In many ways, those suffering Survivor's Guilt, and other debilitating physical and psychological ailments have been effected worse, at least in terms of more long-term suffering, than those killed that day.

I'm not claiming that my view is "right," and those of other's "wrong," just noting the reality that 100 different people who worked that day (I was one) and in the aftermath...will perceive that day and the days immediately after, in 100 different ways.

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