Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Chuck Todd's "Bombshell" Prediction...Wrong?

On Thursday, August 30th, NBC's Chuck Todd said, "I wouldn't miss work tomorrow," claiming a Mueller "bombshell" might be released Friday, August 31st.

It didn't happen.

Did MSNBC just dash viewer hopes again, OR, did Robert Mueller delay an announcement out of respect for John McCain's Saturday Funeral?

It COULD BE the latter.

In that case, the Mueller team MAY be poised to make such an announcement this week, as Friday, the 7th enters into that 60 day window that Mueller and others have acknowledged as a period that should be free from any actions that may effect electoral outcomes.

So, if something's coming, it'll probably be THIS week, or sometimevAFTER November 6th.

There ARE some high profile possibilities. After all, even Roger Stone has been predicting his and Donald Trump Jr.'s indictment for nearly a month, as he's begged for donations to his defense fund. (full disclosure...I gave)

I DON'T believe the Trump Tower meetings constituted "collusion." Those tapes have existed for over two years (Summer, 2016) and they've been reviewed, even scrutinized since.

If they were truly damning, Donald Trump Jr., who was in attendance, would've/SHOULD'VE been indicted over a year ago.

NBC News has reported that Kristin Davis, a close friend of Roger Stone's and the former "Manhattan Madam," who helped run a prostitution ring patronized by well-connected New Yorkers, has testified before the Mueller grand jury.

It's also been reported that another Stone associate, Randy Credico, has testified before the Mueller team.

Still another Stone associate, Andrew Miller, has been held in contempt of court by a Washington federal judge for refusing to testify.

In Roger Stone's letter asking for donations to his legal defense fund, he says that, "I now know Trump-targeting prosecutors have been monitoring my e-mails, text messages, and phone calls since 2016! They still have no evidence of Russian Collusion, or any other illegal activity."

Stone claims, "I am guilty of nothing other than supporting Donald Trump."

However, he did earlier claim, after denying having met with any Russians during the campaign that he did meet with a Russian man offering "dirt" on Hillary Clinton in May, 2016 on a Florida golf course.

He told prosecutors, he'd "simply forgotten that encounter," because "nothing ever came of it."

Roger Stone has said that he expects Donald Trump Jr. to be indicted for lying to the FBI.

Of course, NONE of these would be "bombshells" UNLESS accompanied by some verifiable proof of Trump team collusion.

Even worse, IF the Mueller team does look indict Donald Trump Jr. &/or Roger Stone within the two month election window, that, in and of itself, would be evidence that those who've claimed the investigation was entirely politically motivated...were right.

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