Monday, September 17, 2018

Bono's Globalist Bigotry...

My new favorite Vlogger, Henrik Palmgren, very accurately lays out Bono's "circus monkey" act on the part of the Multinational Corporate Globalists. (

In Bono's latest incarnation, "MacPhisto," Bono insinuates that the Swedes who voted for the Swedish Democrats, a Nationalist Party that won nearly 20% of the seats in Sweden's Parliament, are "Nazis."

His inane, racist rant begins, "Tall, blonde, blue eyed....boring."

Is that the worst the diminutive (5'4") Bono and his Corporate masters can come up with against the Swedes?

This is NOT merely an attack on the Swedish people, nor even the Northern Europeans. It is an attack on all the many disparate cultures, heritages and ethnicities of all mankind. It is a Corporate plan to remake mankind and the world over in an image they prefer.

Henrik Palmgren is a true anti-Globalist hero.

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