Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Rudy’s Daughter an Obama Supporter?


A lot’s been made, by friends and foes alike, of Caroline Giuliani’s Facebook Page that proclaims her support for Barack Obama.

The simple answer is, “She’s SEVENTEEN years old!!!”

Who isn’t naïve, immature and impractically Liberal (that’s “progressive” to Kos, MoveOn and Huffpoos) at that age?

Hell, when I was nearly that age (going on seventeen) I wrote a paper about how food, being a requirement for life, should not be sold as a commodity.

And I had family out west who ran (and still run a ranch) that produces food stuffs, and my maternal grandfather had made his living as a grocery store owner.

I was a hopelessly naïve, immature, misguided and impractical teenager at the time.

Today, I would be embarrassed by that paper.

I've since learned that "work is the rent we all pay to live."

And those who produce (work) generally have the “rent money” to pay for their own food, housing, clothing, etc. Those who don’t work are the enemy of all those who produce. They are enemies just as surely as is a foreign soldier in arms occupying your nation, just as surely as the terrorist who straps bombs to his back.

Those who see work as demeaning and dehumanizing are enemies of everyone who believes in order, decency and excellence, they are enemies of the established (Capitalist) order.

Moreover, everywhere government has sought to control farming, ranching and food distribution, mass starvation and rampant deprivation has been the result. So, as flawed as Capitalism may be, there's no other system that works.

I am embarrassed at my own seventeen year old self. Why would Caroline Giuliani be any different?

And why are Giuliani’s children being hounded by the press?

SEE: http://www.nypost.com/seven/08072007/news/nationalnews/rudy_kid_stabbed_daddy_in_the__barack_nationalnews_carl_campanile_______in_fort_dodge__iowa__and_____maggie_haberman_in_n_y_.htm


Rachel said...

It's also *her* decision. She may not be 18 yet, but she does have a right to her opinion. She probably thinks the world of her father, and would not mind him being Pres. But if her opinions sway her to Obama, no one should make a weapon of it, right or left.

JMK said...

Without question Rachel, that is entirely her choice.

Although, I'm not sure where she stands vis-a-vis her Dad, since he effectively abandoned her's and Andrew's mother (Donna Hanover) in a very public and messy divorce.

If she has some residual venom for her father, that also is entirely her business (and her right) and it's certainly none of mine or the MSM's.

Rachel said...

Although, I'm not sure where she stands vis-a-vis her Dad, since he effectively abandoned her's and Andrew's mother (Donna Hanover) in a very public and messy divorce.

that, I did not know, so I assumed (wrongly). My apologies.

The emphasis of my opinion is for those who take *anything* to extremes when it comes to this election. A few years ago, this would have been an fyi if not totally ignored. Now it seems you can't blow your nose without meaning (and as a liberal arts grad, I know how to stretch meanings ;)

mal said...

A few thoughts here.

First, Rudy has not been the best Dad as has been exhaustively chronicled.

Second, the kids (including Andrew) are also the progeny of Donna Hanover who is a died-in-the-wool liberal and whose input into the young mind(s) is siginificant.

As one who married a divorcee, I can tell you how venom towards the ex can influence child's views.

Third, I am not sure but was Patricia Reagan supprtive of her Dad's presidency? Divorces can create scars which allow for cannon fodder headlines such as this but only if it is a Republican as there is a seeming ennui towards investigating such things in a broken Dem home.

jeremayakovka said...

Sheeyit, I voted for Jesse Jackson when I was 18.

JMK said...

There's your proof Jere, people change and evolve over time, but the MSM seems to treat candidates kids differently.

Sure Al Gore Jr's kid's DUI was covered, but there aren't many (ANY) stories on Liberal pol's kids who turn away from their parent's ideologies.

For years few people knew that the woman who brought the first SC court case that banned "prayer in school" (Madelline Murray O'Hare) had a son who reviled her politics and her views. It was after he wrote a book a few years back that it became a story for a couple days.

In my view, Caroline and Andrew Giuliani have a right to both their opinions AND any resentment they may have for their Dad. It's a private matter.

It's too bad some "journalists" saw it as "a story," a cheap way of slapping Giuliani, who'd bullied the media in NYC while in office.

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