Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It’s Now OFFICIAL! The NSA Eavesdropping Program is Officially and Awesomely Legit

A few weeks back the SCOTUS ruled that the warrantless wiretaps conducted on numerous U.S. to foreign and foreign to U.S. calls/emails did NOT violate the Constitution.

Now the Congress has codified that common sense decision into law.

The Bill that widened surveillance procedures was passed 227 to 183 with some 41 Democrats, most of them from among the 20% of the “New Democrats,” mostly Conservative Democrats from down south and out west.

Many Democrats expressed fear that failing to pass that Bill would have exposed them to Republican attacks of being “weak on terrorism.”

So, take your pick, either the Democrats support these new guidelines wholeheartedly, or caved into fear of being made to appear “soft on terrorism.” Though both are anathema to the anti-war Left, the former is clearly the position with the most integrity, as the latter is a position devoid of any integrity at all. Hey! How about this? All those Democrats who voted FOR the Bill fall into that first camp, while those who didn't fall into the second?
(Pictured above is an aerial view of the NSA's Fort Meade Complex.)

SEE: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/08/05/washington/05nsa.html?_r=1&th&emc=th&oref=slogin


mal said...

The most significant part of this is how little coverage this received in the MSM.

I cannot but help but believe that the MSM would rather not report on this and leave the idea that the entire operation was still failing the proverbial smell test than update a biased story line.

BTW, it seems that the JD has finally grown a pair and has raided the apt of a former (WJC appointee) employee, confiscating computer and phone data. This may be the scumbag who betrayed his country by leaking the info to the Times!

Didn't hear about it?

Why am I not surprised?

JMK said...

You're right (again) Mal.

The MSM wants desperately to portray terrorism as a "crime" and they win (we, the American people, lose) if they succeed!

If a jmk or a Bill O'Malley calls Afghanistan or Syria, yeah, I want the government to know what that's about.

There's far too much at risk not to.

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