Thursday, August 23, 2007

Has Anyone Noticed.....

....That even as oil prices have risen this summer, gasoline prices have dropped?

Oil is now over $70/barrell, but gasoline has come down to UNDER $3/gallon in New York and UNDER $2.50 in nearby New Jersey!

Is it Bush manipulating oil prices?

The Dem Congress coming to the rescue??

Or is it something else???

If you said "something else," then you nailed it, it's something else alright - the end of the "Summer Blend" season that began on March 1st and ended in late May. The various "summer blends" add about 24 cents per gallon to the price of gasoline - THAT'S your government at work!

Since early June, gasoline prices have come steadily down....and neither Bush, nor the Congress have done a darn thing to make that happen.


mal said...

Oh for heaven's sake!

WE both know why the reporting is so sparse: it represents good news.

The MSM is not interested in this genre as it a) isn't sexy and b) doesn't hurt Bush.

BTW, where are the 'experts' who predicted $4/gallon gas nationwide?

In fact, isn't it about time we learned the names of these assholes once and for all so that the incorrect appellation be forever stripped from them?

To that crowd, we can add the wonderboys who have seeming botched the hurricane predictions big-time for a second straight year.

An aside to you, JMK: check out the WSJ opinion page today on your beloved 'blue dog Dems' whom you were so excited about while I cautioned you against seeing things that just weren't going to happen.

Hate to say I was right but well...!

Listen to the old man (and Dem for 28 years)! Sadly, I know them better than you, my friend.

JMK said...

That's certainly why there's been so little coverage and silly stories on "price gouging" when the summer blend price hikes hit....since it's government mandated summer blends that cause the hike, isn't it more government "price gouging?"

And I saw the WSJ article on the Blue Dogs, who by the way, are acting pretty much the way the DeLay Republicans acted.

There's ONLY been one Congress that cut spending, as far back as I can recall, and that was Newt Gingrich's Congress.

Those Blue Dogs were elected by Conservative states that became sick of the "no difference Delay" protocols.

I guess they figured they'd take a Conservative Dem over a Party-hack Republican.

If they disappoint those constituencies, they won't win re-election, simple as that.

Me, I really want the Schumer-Emmanuel plan to work - using Conservative Dems in Red States.

I know theirs is a trojan horse scheme whereby they emasculate Conservatism nationwide, but I believe the reverse will happen. Those Conservative Dems will not fold - they haven't on Iraq, they haven't on taxes, and they're the main reason the Bush-Pelosi-Reid Amnesty Bill didn't succeed.

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