Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Media’s Feeding Frenzy on Brian Williams

WHY are so many in the media so gleeful about Brian Williams' misfortune?

Look, I don't like the embellishments at all, but it's hard for me to celebrate someone losing their job. It just doesn't feel right. Moreover, the national media does far WORSE than Williams' embellishments EVERY SINGLE day!

Our "news" is highly filtered. We get the "stories" that some editors and their corporate masters want us to get and they're delivered exactly HOW they want'em delivered...that's LYING! In fact, it's far worse than some petty personal embellishments by a vain and insecure anchor.

What's pretty comical, at least to me, is those in the media who claim "Brian Williams' real crime is violating the trust of the viewers."


Look at the state of the national media today! That's why the NY Times is going broke and why the traditional networks sell faux "reality TV" far more effectively than their "filtered" news. It's also why millions more people tune into REAL "fake news" with John Stewart...because there's often more "real stuff" there than on the nightly newscasts.

When you get down to it, so much of the "filtering" of our news creates so many lies and obfuscations, I can't blame a Brian Williams for embellishing, or puffing up some accounts to make himself look a bit better. Hell, a LOT of stories are crafted to make things look either better or worse than they really are, you reality.

So now Brian Williams is going to get crucified for lying, in a business built on lies?

How much sense does any of that really make?

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