Friday, February 27, 2015

A Home Invasion & Rape in Las Vegas Highlights Media Malfeasance

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There’s some interesting banter around the net about “feminists ignoring the brutal rape of a former porn star (Cytherea) during a violent home invasion at her Las Vegas home” (;

“Police were called about 10 p.m. Jan. 19 to a home in the 9200 block of Weeping Hollow Avenue, south of the intersection of Blue Diamond Road and El Capitan Way, to investigate a report of a home invasion, robbery and sexual assault.”

Two children and three adults were inside the house, according to reports. Police say they were robbed, held at gunpoint, and Cytherea was raped, after a gang of attackers kicked in the door to the home.

Three suspects, Qumaire Rainey, 18; Edward London, 17; and Casey Franks, 16, were arrested by Metro detectives, who were working with the North Las Vegas Police Department on a related case.

Police Lieutenant David McGrath investigated what he called a ‘rare case’, in which a gang of teens kicked in the door of a random home.
“This family didn’t know these individuals,” McGrath told KLAS.

All three suspects face numerous felony charges for the Martin Luther King Day attack, and will be arraigned in Las Vegas Justice Court this morning.

Police have acknowledged that the suspects have criminal histories and knew each other from detention.

HOWEVER, I think that banter overlooks a much bigger issue – the national media has completely overlooked this crime...while, at the SAME time having heaped unwarranted attention and unverified agreement with such obvious HOAXES as the Duke lacrosse Rape hoax, the recent UVA rape hoax and the dubious claims of Columbia Coed  Emma Sulkowicz.

This media obsession with certain kinds of rapes (those allegedly committed by straight white males, Cytherea’s attackers were all black) exists at a time when female rape rates are at their lowest level in decades, domestic violence is at its lowest rate ever, in short, NOTHING about this obsession makes any sense.

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