Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Michael Posner APOLOGIZES to CHINA Over Arizona's "Human Rights Abuses"!

Just when you think this administration can't get any more moronic.... comes Michael H. Posner a Chicago-born lawyer and the founding executive director of Human Rights First (formerly the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights), and currently an Asst. Secretary of State in the Obama administration. Here he is announcing his own apologizing to China over Arizona's alleged "human rights abuses."

Arizona's law EXACTLY MIRRORS existing federal law that's been on the books (and enforced) for over 70 years!


Early Light said...

Well, I have concerns about police from the State of Arizona and its political subdivisions doing a job that is correctly the job of the federal government; a job that is getting harder due to the dereliction the federal government has shown in performance of its Constitutionally-mandated duties. And, it should not go unmentioned that this dereliction is due, in part, to the overenthusiasm for the federal government to get involved in areas where it has absolutely no Constitutional authority.

Having written that, this apology is a farce. For all the faults our country has, to think we need to apologize to Communist China... well, only anti-Americans like the Obamanistas, Clintonites and other Neolibs could come up with something like that.

Obama should apologize to China that he's such an idiot and his country has placed him in command of nuclear weapons.

(By the way - let's not piss off the Chinese. First, we owe them too much money that we can't pay back. Second, they might be good allies when WWIII breaks out against the Islamic Republics of Western Europe and their allies in the Middle East and Southwest Asia.)

JMK said...

The funny/pathetic thing about this was that Posner was there to discuss China's legendary human rights abuses...and THIS is how he admittedly started that discussion off, by noting AZ's law and making an inane moral equivalence between Arizona's protecting its border with Mexico to China's death camps.

As for WWIII, expect China to be down with the Islamists, at least over us, then they'd look to take care of any remaining jihadists left around.

Skunkfeathers said...

This administration is the most pathetic, ethically corrupt, and staggeringly naive administration in, quite possibly, our history. And the damage left to be undone -- assuming enough voters stay awakened through '12, to stop the bleeding at that point -- will be a decade to a generation in correcting.

JMK said...

"And the damage left to be undone -- assuming enough voters stay awakened through '12, to stop the bleeding at that point -- will be a decade to a generation in correcting." (SF)

If some of these things aren't scaled back quickly and intensely, they probably won't be scaled back at all. The faster one makes such massive cuts (and the coming cuts will HAVE TO BE massive) the less organized opposition you'll face and the longer one has for the good effects to come to fruition.

Delays allow the opposition to mobilize and generate greater public support.

The GOP has always been too quick to throw up their hands in "mock outrage" ("Well that disaster is now set in stone") and too willing to make concessions to any and all existing abuses.

Part of this is because politicians become very cozy with government workers and few of us like hurting those we know.

That's why new blood is needed today.

Chris Christie in NJ is under a withering attack from the public sector unions and the media is "all in." He HAS TO make his cuts quick and DEEP, so that the benefits are seen BEFORE the next election cycle. If cuts are made late, all the people who aren't paying attention see is lots more people out of work and services getting slowed down, which is a win for the public sector.

This time especially, the people have to be promised EXACTLY what's intended to be delivered. The GOP must campaign on "reining in government" and explain that that means "tens of thousands of federal, state and local government jobs cut."

The public service unions are going to mobilize, scream about "poorer quality education and less public safety," slime and smear and seek to garner as much public support via a very friendly media and academia.

The Republicans made a HUGE mistake 15 years ago. They heard the organized public service union cries, amplified by a very sympathetic media and pretty much caved in and became "Democrats-lite."

THAT'S why they lost so much support. They failed to live up to their promises.

For better or worse, GOP supporters are NOT like Democrats who accept a pol "running Right to govern Left."

The GOP voter will not vote for a pol who campaigns even slightly Left, even though they may understand the idea of "seeking broader appeal." Conservative voters payback pols who lie, so Republicans have a much smaller margin for error.

They need to keep that in mind.

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