Thursday, May 6, 2010

The False Controversy Surrounding Arizona’s ILLEGAL Immigration Law....


According to both the mainstream media (MSM) AND the current President of the U.S., the new law in Arizona dealing with ILLEGAL Immigration is designed to allow the police to stop people for no reason other than to determine their legal status as citizens or resident aliens!

Why it’s not only draconian, but Hitlerian as well!

The FACT is, Arizona’s state law mirrors EXACTLY existing FEDERAL law, which has been on the books for almost 70 years! Since the 1940s, federal law has required non-citizens in this country to carry, on their person, the documentation proving they are here legally — green card, work visa, etc. and that has NEVER changed.

Yes, EVERY TIME a resident alien (a legal immigrant with a Green Card) interfaces with government, that documentation must be shown.

Moreover, the police can demand ID from ANYONE (citizen or NOT) when being questioned in relation to a criminal act.

Failure to produce ID when being questioned in relation to any criminal act (felony OR misdemeanor) results in that person being “taken in” (taken to the police station) until their identification is sorted out.

You can imagine that if police were not able to verify the identifications of those suspected of being involved in criminal act(s), there’d be no way to solve any crimes. A person or persons could simply refuse to show ID, give a phony name and be on their way.

That does NOT happen. It’s NEVER happened.

Right now Arizona’s state budget is being overwhelmed by the strain put on it by millions of illegal immigrants, most of whom do not pay into the system, they benefit from. Hospitals, schools and emergency rooms have all been swamped due to that state’s huge illegal immigrant population.

For the Feds to rail against Arizona taking on a Federal power, is inane, since the Feds, who are charged to deal with that issue (SECURING OUR BORDERS) has failed to do so...and has apparently failed DELIBERATELY.

So why has the MSM and President Obama deliberately mischaracterized this law?

Obviously because they CANNOT make any affirmative argument for the federal government’s ongoing failure , nor against a state requiring exactly what the federal government requires – valid ID when one interfaces with government.


Joe said...

"For the Feds to rail against Arizona taking on a Federal power, is inane..."

That describes them to a "T."

JMK said...

Hi Joe!

I've been away for a bit. Spent a week down in Charleston, S.C., now I'm slowly getting back to reading and writing a little bit.

But yes, it's amazing that the current administration faults a desperate state, teetering on the edge of bankruptcy because the feds have abandoned their responsibilities (sealing our borders) FOR, in effect, passing a state law that exactly MIRRORS existing federal law!


Skunkfeathers said...

Not so bizarre, JMK. It's part of the overall SOP of this admin. Sadly, it was a bit of the SOP of the previous one, too. But it's snowballing under the current POTUS.

Undermine the current Constitution by not enforcing the laws of the "nation of laws". Sol Alinsky, Bill Ayers & Co are proud right now. And the "useful idiots" who absorb DNC talking points and spew them like binge-drinking bile, are just the kind of dumbed-down followers the POTUS needs to continue with his underminement.

I sure do hope voters have had a belly full in '10.

JMK said...

The sad, pathetic truth SF is that the liberals believe that making ILLEGAL immigrants citizens will create millions of new Democratic voters, while "Moderate"/Rockefeller-wing Republicans LOVE the cheap labor.

So ILLEGAL immigration has become a double whammy for everyone outside the political class; our taxes rise to pay for more free stuff for more people, as the wage-floor is lowered for ALL. When wages for the lowest skilled workers falls, that eventually pulls down all other wage rates.

The truly devastating thing is that for a long while now (40 or 50 years) the political class has included not just career politicians, but many, if not most corporate leaders and most in the corporately owned MSM.

Freedom and democracy CANNOT last very long when the political class is able to control legislation, corporate policy and how the people receive the information. Today, the MSM makes sure Americans know that anyone who supports the original Constitution is a racist and worse.

I'm beginning to believe that we cannot peacefully exist with the current media and the current business-government partnership....

Skunkfeathers said...

The people still possess the power under the Constitution; they need to exercise it with (a) the power of the ballot box and (b) the power of the consumer's choice. Vote out the keynesians (which takes some education to recognize), and shun media sources that do nothing other than spew the talking points. Air America is a case in point as to consumer choices in a (relatively) free market. No listeners, no advertisers. No socialist, Joseph Goebbels-like propaganda machine.

JMK said...

I agree. The only problem is that too many people insist on staying UNAWARE of the Left's revulsion of "free speech."

Even current SC nominee Elena Kagan pontificated on the reasons why governments have an inherent right to restrict any speech it deems "dangerous," which makes any speech viewed as "controversial" from the Left's POV open to restriction.

The key to this coming election will be the success of ACORN in remaking itself and rededicating itself to widespread voter fraud (aka "voter registration fraud"....which IS voter fraud) AND the Liberals ability to suppress as much of the ethnic workingclass, "soccer Mom" and "senior citizen" vote via such tactics as the Philly Black panthers looking to intimidate "the wrong kind of voter" in the last election.

THIS time the Right has to be a LOT MORE vigilant (and litigious) over voter registration fraud, as well as voter intimidation - voters HAVE TO( be willing to confront the intimidators and surreptitiously tape such confrontations. NOTHING would discredit the Left more thoroughly than that.

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