Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Hate to Say "I Live for This"....But....I Really DO Live for THIS!!!....

I've been visiting beautiful Charleston, S.C. for the past few days (actually Friday morning through Monday night) I worked Tuesday morning until Wednesday morning and had a bunch of errands to do today... 

But leave it to the New York Post to make my day!

Yes, with yet another tale of liberal rage, liberal bigotry...and liberal hypocrisy.

God I just LOVE this kind of "human interest story."

Apparently, Wayne Mahlke (the male pictured above) was having a bad day, when he decided to yell out to police officer Denise McDonald, in what is often termed (at least in New York) "the overly familiar."

To quote Mr. Mahlke (the former Chief-of-Staff of the equally EX State Senator Hiram Monserrate, D-Queens - of "girlfriend-beating" fame) "Why don't you do your job, you fat bitch?"

Ironically enough, that bit of the "overly familiar" did indeed get Officer Denise McDonald to "do her job" and collar (a/k/a ARREST) Mr. Mahlke on, as they say, "a variety of charges."

According to the NY Post; "Mahlke allegedly tried to pull away, but McDonald stepped in front of the car, forcing him to stop.

"He then pulled out a New York State Senate "official business" placard, along with a phony, laminated photocopy of an NYPD parking placard, authorities said.

"You don't know who I am - I'm higher-ranking than you!" Mahlke said to McDonald, a 19-year police veteran, according to the criminal complaint.

"He also told the female cop that he worked for Mayor Bloomberg, said Queens DA Richard Brown.

"He doesn't, nor has he ever."

Oh that Wayne Mahlke certainly is a card! Apparently he's as adept at impersonating a politician as he is impersonating "a high ranking police official."

Isn't that allegedly a serious crime?

I'm pretty sure it is!

The NY Post reports that, "Mahlke lost his legislative job in March, after his boss, Monserrate, was tossed from the Senate for assaulting his girlfriend.

"A former vice president of the Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club of Queens, Mahlke also had once been chief of staff to former state Sen. Ada Smith in 2003.

"Mahlke was charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument, obstructing governmental administration, disorderly conduct, failing to obey directions of a police officer, and not producing a valid license.

"He faces up to seven years in prison."

Hmmmm, I didn't notice "impersonating a police officer among those charges. Somehow, I believe if the average Joe or Jane pulled out a police placard and claimed to outrank a police officer they'd be so charged, but I digress.

Did you notice that among Mr. Mahlke's bio was the "former Vice President of the Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club of Queens?"

I mean that's rich isn't it?

A liberal member of one "protected group" jumping ugly on a member of another "protected group" for merely doing her job!

For those of you who are liberal enough not to see the liberal hypocrisy in any of this, I offer up Mr. Mahlke's photo; Come on! Does THAT GUY have any business calling anyone else"fat?!" I mean, are ALL the mirrors in this guy's house of the "Fun House" variety, or what?

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Paul Mitchell said...

Aren't these HATE crimes, too?

JMK said...

You WOULD think that, wouldn't you?

But apparently "protected groups" can't be guilty of "hate"/thought crimes....I guess because they're presumed to be "pure of thought."

That brings up yet another major objection to "hate crimes" laws, not only do they punish "thought" or "intent" (an "intent" divined by the investigators), but they exist to target all those are NOT members of the various "protected groups."

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