Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What’ll They Do For an Encore?...

Now that it looks increasingly like Al Franken ISN’T going to be the next Senator from Minnesota, what will the Franken-followers, who’d earlier on vandalized Norm Coleman’s home with black paint, do for an encore? Back in October, one of the Stewart Smalley supporting vandals scrawled out "U R A CRIMINAL RESIGN OR ELSE!"

Well, what can you expect from a Franken supporter but a grunt?
But what next, once Franken is officially defeated?


Jill said...

What I find outrageous is that the left can so easily and with, what they call, genuine belief that it's okay for them to lash out at conservatives with violence, if necessary... but when conservatives dare to even speak ill of any liberal, even in whispers, they are given 50 lashes and sent into exile until they REPENT and beg forgiveness of the "upper class" liberals.

Sarcasm... such a lovely use of words.

pela68 said...

Sorry for my ignorance towards US politicians, but who IS Al Franken and what does he stand for?

JMK said...

It's hypocrisy, Bug....built on massive ignorance.

The other day, Ted Turner expressed "personal admiration" for Fidel Castro and said, "To my knowledge that (reports of Castro's killing thousands of political prisoners, consigning dissidents to mental institutions, etc) has never been proven."

Whoops, for a "newsman" Ted seems pretty misinformed.

"It’s been widely reported that some political opponents to his regime were killed, primarily during the first decade of his leadership. Persons suspected of being "counterrevolutionaries", "fascists", or "CIA operatives" were imprisoned in poor conditions without trial. Military Units to Aid Production, or UMAPs, were labor camps established in 1965 to confine "social deviants" (including homosexuals and Jehovah's Witnesses), with the goal of working "counter-revolutionary" influences out of certain segments of the population.

"The Castro regime's opposition to free speech took the form of brutal sentences, mostly of 20 to 28 years, passed on 30 independent journalists and 45 other “dissidents.” Many had committed the “crime” of running non-state press agencies or small private libraries."

Why are leftists, especially those living well-off in the free West so tolerant of socialist tyrants?

We're talking about a serious emotional disturbance here, so there is no rational, reasoning behind such obviously dysfunctional beliefs.

JMK said...

Well, Pela, Al Franken is a particularly UNFUNNY "professional comedian." Perhaps his best known skit was as fictional self-help guru "Stuart Smalley" on the Saturday Night Live TV show. I'm glad to hear you've never heard of him, as it proves he has little name recognition outside the U.S., as whatever name-recognition he has here is completely UNDESERVED.

Recently he's expanded his failures to include a stink-burger stint on Air America Radio (AAR) - the "Liberal answer to Conservative Talk Radio" here in the U.S.

Sadly, while Conservative Talk radio garners huge ratings, AAR garnered barely a blip on the Arbitron ratings.

He's also penned a couple of books, such as Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot And Other Observations,....I kid you not, THAT is the title.


You can get it for a penny (US) as a used book on Amazon.

He's also a typical Liberal hypocrite, supporting higher taxes on others while refusing to pay his own;

"New York state officials stated Al Franken Inc. failed to carry workers' compensation insurance for employees from 2002 to 2005. Franken paid the $25,000 fine to the state of New York upon being advised his corporation was out of compliance with the state's workers compensation laws."

He's currently locked in a close recount vote with incumbent Senator Norm Coleman in Minnesota...a Liberal bastion in the Midwest.

How can I put this in the most diplomatic of terms? Well, to be blunt, Al Franken is pretty much a socialist stooge and a scum-bag.

OK, not all that "politically correct," but at least it's factually accurate.

Dan O. said...

I agree with everything you wrote here, JMK. (especially the senator of Wisconsin statement, he was running in Minnesota, ;) )

Al Franken isn't even good at his first chosen profession in my opinion. He certainly wouldn't be any better, most likely much worse, at his 2nd.

JMK said...


I do that a lot!

And to think, my brother Chris lives in Wisconsin.

You're right about Franken's first profession. He IS the least funny "comedian" I've ever run across.

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