Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Islamic Justice CAN be Wise...

On November 26th of this year, a three-judge panel in Iran ruled unanimously that Majid (a man who’d stalked and been jilted by an Iranian woman, Ameneh Bahrami) should be blinded with acid himself, as well as being forced to pay compensation for the injuries to Bahrami's face, hands and body caused by the acid.
(Above is a picture of a woman disfigured by acid)
.The woman, Ameneh Bahrami, had refused to accept "blood money." Insisting instead that her attacker suffer a fate similar to her own "so people like him would realize they do not have the right to throw acid in girls' faces," she told the Tehran Provincial Court.

Her attacker, a 27-year-old man identified in court papers as Majid, admitted throwing acid in her face in November 2004, blinding and disfiguring her. He said he loved her and insisted she loved him as well.

I guess every culture has its strong points.

I’d earlier lauded Iran’s Islamic justice that had a pedophile scourged by the mother’s of his victims, before being hung with a slip know from a crane.

Violent crimes must be punished with similar violence. It is the ONLY way to balance the scales of true justice.


Anonymous said...

It's probably only because the Quran doesn't mention acid. If he had hung her or stoned her it probably would have been an acceptable alternative to acid according Iranian law.

pela68 said...

I'm not sure about the whole "an eye for an eye" concept.
But yes, there are some cultural fenomenom´s that are vile, and should be condemmed.

If all cultures are equal, then cannibalism would just be a matter of taste. That's what the multi culti people just don't understand.

JMK said...

"If he had hung her or stoned her it probably would have been an acceptable alternative to acid according Iranian law." (UJ)
Actually, in many regards, Islamic "justice," such as it is, is more direct albeit more brutal, UJ.

A while back they had a pedophile scourged at the pilar by the mothers of his victims and then hung, using a slip knot (for a more grisly death) from a crane.

While the act of stoning adulterers and such is certainly one of the many excessive indulgences of that culture, their treatment of violent thugs, could well be emulated in the more sedate West.

Being somewhat more capitalistic about things, I'd personally prefer a bounty system, where a pedophile upon being convicted of various crimes would have a basic price put on his head, which the victim's families could bid upwards, under such a system, I'd see a licensed bounty hunter being able to hunt a "legally targeted predator-convict" as legally as a hunter can bag a deer during hunting season today.

That'd put the fear of God in violent predators!

JMK said...

"I'm not sure about the whole "an eye for an eye" concept." (Pela)
I'm probably not nearly as forgiving as you Pela.

My ONLY sympathies in the wake of a violent crime are with the victim of violence.

In my view, a pedophile does far more damage than the act of child-rape, the pedophile steals that child's innocence and youth, just as the guy who disfigured this woman did more than "burn her with acid." He took her essence away, stole her trust in others....I'd exact a much harsher price for that than is currently acceptable in the West, though I do respect the opinions of those who disagree on moral or other grounds.

Anonymous said...

nods in agreement with JMK

JMK said...

I suppose every culture has its good and bad points Rachel, and Islamic culture certainly has a legacy of being excessive in its punishments, BUT for some exceedingly violent acts, draconian punishments seem in order.

Seane-Anna said...

I understand where you're coming from, JMK, but don't get carried away in admiring Islamic "wisdom".

JMK said...

"I understand where you're coming from, JMK, but don't get carried away in admiring Islamic "wisdom"." (Seane-Anna)
It's not Islamic "wisdom" that I'm extolling Seane-Anna, but the Mideast's cultural sense of real justice...maiming those who maim, and permanently incapacitating those who incapacitate others.

The overriding problem with Islamic culture is its rigid cultural/religious intolerance, which is something more indicative of a cult than a religion.

That's one of the problems with the West's "War on Terror" - it vaguely defines the enemy as "radical Islam," with an emphasis on "radical," when it SHOULD be on "Islam."

Terrorism is a legitimate military tactic. It is merely "unconventional warfare waged, primarily, against civilian targets." That is a natural and often necessary part of war.

America's Minutement DID indeed wage a terrorist (unconventional warfare) campaign against the British in the Americas, as DID the Jews in the Palestine region (some of that now Israel) in the 1940s Mideast.

"Terrorism" is NOT the issue, or the problem...it is merely a manifestation of a far greater, REAL problem. In the latter cases, the will of Mideast Jews and American Colonists for their own self determination and homelands, while on so-called "radical Islam's" part, it's more akin to the terror waged by other racist or racialist groups like the KKK or the Nation Of Islam (Black Muslims), or the Aryan Nation, or the Black Panthers.

There is absolutely NO/ZERO moral eqivalence between terror waged by those fighting for their independence and self determination and that waged in support of racial or cultural hatred....and yet THAT is what the American far-Left has continually insisted on trying to do - make a moral equivalence where none exists.

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