Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Rick Warren Flap is a Lame Attempt to Re-Write Obama's Views on gay Marriage...

What’s the big deal?!

ALL religions rightly teach that the act of homosexuality is a “sin.” I’ve never heard ANY gays have a problem with that...In fact, I believe they actually like the taboo.

Not only THAT, but Barack Obama’s stated position on the issue – OPPOSING gay Marriage, while supporting civil unions is EXACTLY the same position that both Arnold Schwartzenegger and G W Bush have on the same issue!

Moreover, Reverend Rick Warren is one of the most influential religious leaders in the nation, and as such, he’s has championed issues such as a reduction of global poverty, human rights abuses and the AIDS epidemic. In fact, ironically enough, he’s done more to combat AIDS then most gay organizations have!


Anonymous said...

I actually went out and got Rick Warren's book, "The purpose driven life" because of the controversy. I feel that if he is admired by Obama, then he's worth a read.

I'm on day four of his book because he says we should read a chapter a day.

As for homosexuals, they are just diseased people of mind, spirit, actions and actuality(re HIV).


JMK said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting JinT. The irony here, is that Reverend Warren, like many (most) religious figures does NOT revile homosexuals...he merely sees the ACT of homosexuality as "sinful" and "self-destructive"...a subtle, but important distinction that many homosexuals refuse, or are incapable of getting.

I don't believe homosexuals CHOOSE homosexuality....I do believe they're born or "wired" that way and so I can understand the compassion that the Catholic Church and Reverends like Rick Warren have for such people.

Still, I believe that this "faux flap" with its phony "outrage" is a lame attempt by the U.S. media to paint Barack Obama as pro-homosexual Marriage, when clearly he is NOT.

In fact, Obama's view - OPPOSING same-sex Marriage, while SUPPORTING civil unions for homosexuals is the exact same view held by G W Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rick Warren...and about two-thirds of the American people!

I confess that I've never read Rick Warren's book, but I want to as well.

Alpha Conservative Male said...

JMK, it doesn't matter what Obama tries to rewrite in regards to his position on gay marriage. He already came out AGAINST PROP 8 and he is against the defense of marriage act. Him inviting Rick Warren isn't going to change what he supported and still supports at this time.

JMK said...

Obama is a politician, in the same mold as John McCain, Ted Kennedy and G W Bush are politicians.

The "hope and change" theme was nothing but a snappy slogan that "worked on the suckers."

All politicians do that - try to convince THEIR CONSTITUENCIES that "THEY'RE different."

Obama has come out personally in opposition to gay Marriage, but in support of civil unions with all the rights of Marriage.

Ironically enough, that's pretty much Bush's and McCain's position too.

In fact, I have no problem with civil unions. The sole reason I oppose gay Marriage is because it CAN (and would) be used by some radical gays to try and force Church's to marry gay's and cease preaching that the act of homosexuality is "sinful."

THAT, is tantamount to an attack on religion and an assault on the 1st Amendment! Such an assault would be, rightfully opposed with widespread violence and given religion's 1st Amendment protections, I believe that violence in defense of religion would be legal and UNprosecutable within American courts.

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