Monday, May 21, 2007

On the Sadly Misguided Soros Axis

When I was a College student living at home, I probably had some of the same confusion that all too many Americans suffer from today. I’m sure I believed things (probably based on feelings) like “income inequality leads to social unrest.”

I’ve since wised up.

George Soros (the money behind and MediaMatters, etc) believes in the command economy.

He sees Capitalism as akin to Nazism and socialism as the only cure. That makes him both a political and economic simpleton...and an evil man, as well.

Mao, Stalin and Hitler were the world’s worst socialist dictators, and in that order.

Too many people, for far too long have tried to deny that BOTH Stalin & Mao were worse than Hitler in every conceivable way.

Capitalism (the free market economy) is economic democracy, where consumers are the “voters” and businesses vie to give the consumer what he/she wants – the highest quality at the lowest possible price. THAT’S actual democracy in action.

Socialism CANNOT EXIST without mass murder and theft. ALL of the “land (property) reforms” of Stalin, Mao and Hitler resulted in that. In fact, of the three, Hitler saw the flaws of the “command economy” earlier than the other two, and moved toward a state sanctioned, highly regulated economy – a sort of pseudo-socialism.

Stalin killed between 30-50 MILLION civilians and Mao between 70-100 MILLION civilians in their various “land (property) reforms, as people who own and develop properties (lands and businesses) do not generally surrender them except over “their dead bodies.”

Albania and Bulgaria where the world’s last two socialist/command economies and were basket-cases until they switched to more market based economies.

George Soros, like Laura D’Angelis Tyson (the Clinton economic advisor) lauded those Balkan basket-cases. Soros reviles the French, German and Scandinavian models that retain private ownership of lands and commercial ventures by private citizens and has only begrudgingly called those Corporatist economies (the USA is also a Corporatist economy right now) with somewhat larger welfare states as “slightly better than America’s.”

There is no such thing as “democratic socialism.” As “We the people” have no greater collective rights, than we do individual rights, ergo, it is unlawful for even a 90% majority to vote to confiscate and redistribute the property of the remaining 10%.

That is to say, that if 90% of any given nation (it’d never happen) were to vote to confiscate the holdings of the richest 10% and redistribute them, they would be just as morally wrong as if any single one of them decided to do a home invasion on their own.

That’s not at all hard to understand, is it?

It shouldn’t be, it IS America’s “Founding Design.”

That’s the very reason America’s Founders enshrined all those individual protections FROM government action in those first TEN Amendments (The Bill of Rights) – they deeply believed that the minority must be protected at all times, from “the tyranny of the majority,” and the “minority” they were most concerned with, was well-off, property owners, who are indeed a “minority” in almost every society.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on joining the Fox News anti-Soros bandwagon. You put Soros in the same boat as Hitler, yet you fail to mention that Soros, a Hungarian Jew, barely stayed one step ahead of the Nazis on his way to the West during WWII. Soros is anything but socialist. Do you know any socialists who made a billion dollars in one day with their hedge fund? He's a capitalist through and through. And he probably did more than any single private individual to bring down communism and socialism in Eastern Europe. Yes, he's a complex man, with complex views, but you comparisons are way off. Don't try to score cheap political points with your blog by using him as a punching bag like O'Reilly does.

JMK said...

Read any biography of George Soros. He was a veritable Capo. At fourteen, he worked with an Uncle who collaborated with the Nazis in confiscating the property of doomed Jews.

Like John Edwards, Michael Moore and other such hypocrites Soros espouses socialistic (big government) policies that are decidedly anti-capitalistic....the lowest form of "IGM" - "I've got mine, the hell with the rest of you."

There is no middle ground on LIBERTY.

There are those who believe in a vital "fend for yourself" economic freedom (the free market) and those who don't.

There's NOTHING at all "complex" about the likes of Edwards, Moore and Soros, who've benefitted immeasurably from Capitalism/"economic LIBERTY," while espousing principles that would make it harder for others to build their own fortunes.

I wish I could find something good to say about Soros, perhaps if he comes out, changes his tune and extolls the virtues of unbridled Capitalism, there's then be some good things to say!

Mary said...

Thank you for your article, JMK. I really appreciate it. It a very scary time right now & this Soros is backing/endorsing Obama. Obama is associated with so many people of highly questionable character and intent. I pray for this country. We need God's help.

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