Monday, May 14, 2007

Why Is This Wrong?.....I'm Just Asking.

Today's (Monday May 14, 2007) New York Post has an "Exclusive" story on Herman Lamison (owner of the home pictured left), a Southampton Village cop who earns $1.3 million/year doing security work for wealthy patrons along with his assigned police duties.

From the NY Post;

" Meet Long Island's million-dollar cop, a Southampton village detective who reeled in a whopping $1.3 million annual salary through side jobs for tony clientele.

"Officer Herman Lamison already rakes in well over $100,000 yearly for his police work. But he's earned hundreds of thousands more performing secondary jobs for local cash-flush residents - tending to their estates, providing security and generally offering them peace of mind, records show.

"And Lamison is not alone.

"As NYPD cops groan about their appalling $25,000-a-year starting salary, Lamison and his colleagues, especially those employed by small East End departments, are living like the glamorous residents they've sworn to protect and serve.

"Lamison, a Southampton native on the force since 1986, uses his stunning income to fund a plush mansion with a three-car garage in the prestigious Parrish Pond subdivision and several other properties, according to records.

"He declined to comment.

"Other current or former East End cops are churning out big bucks through such businesses as Kona Security, Fortress Security and Pondview Services.

"They are setting up shop for a reason. Many mansion owners want to hire local cops to check in on their estates during the off season to guard against theft, burst pipes and squatters...

"...Lamison's crew was noted for throwing filmmaker Michael Moore off the property during an attempted filming in 1998."

I like him already. If the owner of that property wanted Moore to be able to film there, he wouldn't have had security remove him. They were just doing their job.

What's wrong with a guy making an honest living from a legitimate side job? To me, Herman Lamison is a modern day Horatio Alger story. The media should be celebrating this guy instead of trying to stir up class envy at his expense.

See the entire story:


Levi said...

This case needs some media attention.

Nancy Grace is a former prosecutor Death penalty activist & crime victims activist.

CLINK here to tell her to get on this case:

Or email I think she would cover the case

JMK said...

Here's the thing, Levi.

I don't think this guy did a thing wrong.

He's a local cop, with over 20 years experience who's started a security company in that area servicing its wealthy clientelle.

Over 30 guys on that force do that, so there seems to be no rules against that...and he's certainly breaking no laws.

The Post article uses this fellow's success as a comparson to NYPD cops who start at $25K/year and at full pay, make far less than cops on Long Island and Upstate.

Of course, the Post also rails agaisnt almost every wage increase for Municipal workers, so perhaps their point is, "ALL cops should have to live on the lower NYPD salaries."

I think it's great that this guy has started a private security firm and is making out.

He makes more money than te jealous reporters who covered this story, because he provides a service that is in more demand and has taken the risks of starting and running a private enterprise.

I'd say, "God bless him,"....and it looks like He has.

Dan O. said...

I guess my question would be, if he's making $1.2 million at his security job, doesn't that make his $100,000 police job his side job?

Does he really put a full effort into his cop job or should he vacate it for someone who isn't preoccupied with his other job?

I'm just asking.

I'm all for somebody be enterprising, but if he's not dedicating himself to protecting the public as fully as his private clients, I'd just as soon he pursue his private business only.

JMK said...

Dan O, that's a fair enough question, but with thirty local cops doing the same thing, the call would have to be for some basic and pervasive rules changes.

One of the reasons the local gentry pay such high prices for that security is that they want someone with local connections and direct access to the local PD.

Should they change that and pass some sort of local resolution barring such side-work?

It'd be interesting to see how that would do on a local referendum, considering that those who pay for those services and want that access would also be voting on that.

But, yes, there probably are a host of "conflict of interest" concerns and concerns over "police working around places/parties where alcohol is being served" - most locales have rules against that.

Apparently, they're pretty lax out there in Southampton, though.

Dan O. said...

I have no problem with police working other jobs. I'm just concerned with their priority when it comes to such a difference in salary between the two.

As long as there isn't any conflict with the publics' safety, i.e., properly performing his duties as a civil servant, I certainly wouldn't be looking for any more laws or regulations.

I think you were right, the reporters are just trying to stir up trouble where none may exist. How about investigate then report?

TV news does the same thing all the time too. They throw out provoking questions that sound like somebody's doing something wrong. When they really don't have the answers to base any wrongdoing on.

They're obviously trying to invent news when there is none.

JMK said...

You're point is a good one and any Municipality should be concerned with getting the maximum bang for its buck in temrs of productivity.
You're probably right that binstead of banning side employment, they should make sure that no one's doing private business on Municipal time.

And yes, the MSM loves to stir up controversy, but I found it odd that the NY Post, which celebrates wealth when its rogue CEOs, drug addled celebrities and even Michael Moore, is horrified when a "working stiff makes good."

Unknown said...

He threw out Michael Moore?.....Keep on keeping on.

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