Friday, June 16, 2017

Pelosi's Mental Boomerang!

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Nancy Pelosi

Just hours after questioning Trump's mental health and fitness for Office, her own mental health came into serious question and very publicly.

Pelosi's issues came to light less than two hours after suggesting Trump was losing his mind. "I am concerned about his (Trump's) fitness for office," she said on MSNBC.

"I think his family should be concerned about his health," Pelosi added. "The fact is that this is hopefully not reparable - he’s the president of the United States."

"You mean you hope it IS reparable?" Joe Scarborough asked, apparently confused.

"Yeah, yeah," she replied.

Asked if she had any advice for Trump, she said, "Go to sleep, get some sleep. Bring yourself to a place where your synapses are working."

A couple hours later at her own weekly press conference, Pelosi not only became confused, yet again, over what President is in office, referring to Trump as "President Bush," but also as to what day of the week it was.

"I spoke with the speaker a week, a week and a couple days ago, about -- oh, no, just last Friday," she said. "What is today? Is it Friday again?"

One of her aides came to her assistance, passing her a note alerting her to the slip-ups.

These "senior moments" are becoming embarrassingly routine for the 77 y/o Pelosi, who a month ago became confused at a visit to China, continually calling China, "Tina," in a rambling and at times incoherent discourse.

I think it’s kind of nice that San Francisco elected a cognitively challenged person to represent them. She pretty much fits the mental status of the area.

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