Monday, May 23, 2016

Sounds About Right...

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Bernie Sanders supporters

It is! Fact is, it's rigged on BOTH sides.

If there had been any way for the GOPe to have bounced Trump...they would have. They tried everything...EXCEPT "Super Delegates."

The Republican base has been outraged at 10 years or more of GOPe calumny which peaked with Boehner's & McConnell's stifling the authentic voice of that base - The Tea Party.

In today's Washington Post, crazy old Ruthie (Ruth Marcus) daydreams about a Mitt Romney 3rd party run, the way Trump dreams of a Bernie Sanders 3rd Party campaign. (

Neither is likely to happen.

Just as sure as the Democrats won't let Bernie run a 3rd party campaign...the one Trump is exhorting him to run, the GOP won't allow Romney or anyone else to run independently and split "Republican vote." It's NOT their vote any more. The people have taken it back.

For better and for worse, we're stuck with Hillary vs Trump.

Donald Trump is a thumb in the eye of the GOPe! They brought Trump on themselves, just as post-Hillary, the Democrats will bring their own outsider-upstart on themselves. Bernie ISN'T it!

A large swath of the American people are as sick of the corporately run Uni-Party political system ("Choose between your approved managers") as they are of this corporately owned and controlled media. It's the reason that today, just 6% of Americans have a "lot of confidence" in the media. (

This is as peaceful an attempt by the people to change the established operating system as we're going to get.

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