Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Governor Patterson’s “Doomsday Budget” – Draconian for US, But for Government, NOT So Much!

Late last week (Wednesday, 12-17-08) New York’s Governor David Patterson socked New Yorkers with an astounding 137 new taxes and fees to shore up the State’s sagging economy!

Everything from beer to iTunes downloads were grist for the taxman.

It also called for cuts of $9.5 billion, including radical reductions to hospital and school subsidies and the elimination of more than $1 billion in aid to New York City.

Among the highlights of the plan are;

* A 4 percent tax on taxi, limo and bus rides iTunes audio and video downloads and the same 4% tax on movie, concert and sporting event tickets.

* Boosting the average vehicle registration fee for drivers by $11, from $44 to $55.

* Fees for new or renewed licenses also would increase 25 percent, or increase from $50 to about $62 to renew a license over eight years.

* In addition, all drivers would have to get new, "reflectorized" license plates at a fee of $25 each.
One of the weirder “sin taxes” is an 18 percent tax on non-diet soft drinks, which aims to “reduce child obesity.” Consumers in NY can expect a $1.50 can of Pepsi to cost at least 25 cents more with this tax.

There’s also the elimination of the law that caps the state sales tax on gasoline at 8 cents per gallon, an ominous sign that New York plans to join the Luddites in looking to make it more expensive for people to drive, for workers to get to work, kids to get to school and people to produce!

On the flip side, the government’s DOING FINE.

New York State’s planning to spend nearly $120 MILLION ($119.7) MORE (or an additional 1.1%) than last year! WhooooHooo!!! At least someone’s still spending like a drunken sailor.

Well, some things never change - like the political class always getting theirs off the top.


conservative brother said...

Since New Yorkers time and time again vote for tax and spend liberal Democrats, I find myself really not caring one way or the other jmk how badly they are taxed. In my opinion, they get what they voted for. I do feel sorry for the people in New York that aren't stupid like the rest of their population. It's unfortunate that the smart have to suffer because of the stupidity of the majority.

JMK said...

That['s true, we get what we vote for and New York has long been overwhelimingly Liberal.

New York City....that is.

Sadly, NYC's been able to outvote Long Island, Upstate whcih are far more Conservative areas.

But the entire State economy exists by parasiting off Wall Street, Madison Avenue (advertising), 6th Avenue (Fashion)...and there's a LOT in it for those who run major businesses. Mostly, it keeps more aggressive and innovative upstarts from gaining a foothold to compete with the established big guys.

Once wealthy, the rich rarely pay income taxes anyway....they pay a fixed Capital Gains rate on their investments.

That's why socialism and its twin "tax and spend Liberalism" appeal primarily to the rich and why it must be disguised as a "worker's" or "poor people's movement" to garner popular support.

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