Thursday, May 24, 2007


Man, could we clone this guy and get him to run over here?

Seriously, this guy’s going where few American Pols Left or Right seem willing to go.

He’s recently gone on record saying NO to any mass legalization of illegal immigrants in France and now, as part of his overall reforms package he’s looking to exempt overtime from social security charges (NOT BAD), NOT replacing half of retiring public servants as they retire (GREAT), forcing the unemployed to accept work (ABSOLUTELY AWESOME) and ending special pensions enjoyed by some in public sector (ALSO GREAT).

Of course, Mr. Sarkozy is going to need a lot of help (in Parliament) to get that agenda passed and he’s hoping to gain a large amount of parliamentary support in the upcoming June Parliamentary elections.

Polls suggest his UMP party may win 40% of the vote, giving it an absolute majority in the national assembly. The polls indicate the UMP could get at least 365 of the chamber's 577 seats - far more than the opposition Socialists, who are predicted to win 28% of the vote.

The legislative elections will be held in two rounds, on 10 and 17 June.

I’ve heard the charge here, that “Sarkozy would be a Centrist Democrat here.”


Which “Right-wing Republican" running has had the balls to offer such promises here?!

Any Democrats standing firm against “any kind of mass legalization of illegal immigrants?”

Not a chance!

Again, can we clone this guy???....PLEASE!?

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