Sunday, November 20, 2011

I’ve Been Stymied....

Lately I’ve hit a writing rut. I’ve had a hard time writing lately and I’ve finally figured out why.

I’m out of step, maybe hopelessly so.

I don’t like stories like the NASCAR crowd booing Michelle Obama. She’s been a fine First Lady. She’s raising two daughters in a way that most “Values Voters” would approve of. Her campaign against childhood obesity is timely and urgent.

I may not agree with her politics, but I have nothing personal against her.

In FACT, I have to admit. . .and I’ve said this for eons now, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Obama administration’s aggressive foreign policy and distressed that it’s FOLLOWED G W Bush’s disastrous lead on the economy, in fact, it’s doubled down on Bush era Keynesian over-spending!

I’ve been wondering aloud, until recently, why liberals haven’t had an issue with Barack Obama and lately liberals from Cornell West to Keith Olbermann HAVE!

So what gives?

WHY have so many liberals applauded so much of this administration’s “Bushiness,” while too many Conservatives have focused on inanities like his birth certificate and his being a “closet Muslim.”

Barack Obama IS an American citizen. He DOES have a legitimate Hawaiian birth certificate and he is NOT a Muslim any more than whacky Christian pastor, Jeremiah Wright is!

Barack Obama is guilty of doing a “Reverse Reagan,” while Reagan took the REAL “worst American economy since the Great Depression,” complete with DOUBLE DIGIT unemployment, interest and inflation rates and a record high Misery Index (the inflation and unemployment rates added together) and made it better year after, Barack Obama inherited an economy in crisis due to the previous administration’s over-spending and expanding government and doubled down on that policy, making things worse, year after year!

He is NOT guilty of ‘secretly looking to help the jihadists,” nor does he appear to be looking to “destroy America.” Hell, if he is, than the previous administration (G W Bush’s) is equally guilty of the SAME thing.

What distresses me most is that Conservatives seem focused on the wrong things. Hundreds of tacky and tasteless photo-shopped pictures have gone viral and while G W Bush was assailed just as vilely from the Left, that’s hardly an excuse for engaging in what many of those now sliming Obama, objected so strenuously to when their guy was getting the brunt of it.

Ironically enough, what Barack Obama is MOST “guilty of” is delivering G W Bush’s THIRD TERM!

He’s followed the Bush Doctrine and Bush’s aggressive foreign policy to a tee. Drone attacks and rendition are BOTH way up, some 50,000 U.S. Troops remain in Iraq, Afghanistan has been ratcheted way up. . .even after the killing of OBL, not to mention Gitmo is STILL operating and this administration engaged in yet another front (Libya) without Congressional approval or oversight!

I supported the Bush foreign policies and so, I support Obama’s foreign policies as well!

Now, I DID NOT support the Bush economic agenda and so, I DO NOT support the Obama economic agenda either. Yes, at times, Barack Obama has been a shrill opponent of private industry while cynically raising record amounts of cash from Wall Street and the financial sector, as well as from other Corporate denizens, like BP Amocco, etc.

I’d agree that Barack Obama has apparently lacked the experience and judgment to do the job he was elected to do, BUT he is NOT the Anti-Christ. . .not by a long shot.

I support the Tea Party’s views (smaller government, lower taxes and more private sector job creation) but I do not always support their methods.

Derogatory pictures of Barack Obama don’t win converts or change minds, and they don’t help your credibility much, neither does booing Michelle Obama at a NASCAR race (

It’s been perplexing to me to hear so many liberals support a guy who’s delivered another term of G. W. Bushiness, as much as it’s been uncomfortable listening to so many Conservatives continue to waste time and squander credibility over this “Birther issue” and “the Muslim issue.”

BOTH are complete non-starters and relegate those who espouse them to the same “kook pile” the 9/11 Truthers belong in!

For over two years now, I’ve been honest, in that TO ME, neither G W Bush nor Barack Obama seemed like “evil guys.” In fact, both seem quite affable and decent, the kind of guy’s you could easily become friends with, DESPITE the fact that I disagree with BOTH of them vehemently on the economy.

I’ve come to believe that ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) is every bit as real as BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) and equally perverse.

None of that has sat well with me and lately it’s made it harder to express myself.
Maybe coming to these exact conclusions will make that a little easier.

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