Friday, June 16, 2017

Ya Know What Would be a VERY Funny and All Too Appropriate Response to This Faux Art?

Image result for Shakespeare in the Park Trump death
Donald Trump Death Scene in "Shakespeare in the Park"

Yup...defunding the NEA and cancelling any Federal grants that support such "artistic" endeavors. (

To those dolts who'd claim that would stifle "the arts," the answer is NONSENSE!

Art is something NOT done for profit, so all true art is amateur and non-commercial, like battlefield re-enactments, volunteer community theater, etc.

I know, I've also said, "IF it doesn't SELL it ain't ART," but that applies to so-called commercial art. There's NEVER a reason to provide grants to the likes of Andres Serrano and Robert Maplethorp...IF what they produce is viable commercial art, it would sell in the marketplace. Commercial "art" is like commercial anything else, it's worth exactly what the market says it is.

That’s why I've always supported the eradication of the NEA. It serves no useful purpose. Art EXISTS...and it will continue to exist without government interference...WITHOUT the direction, care and feeding by the state.

Look, the "art" here is that this group disguised their hate for the current POTUS and, by extension, the U.S. Government. The BEST and fairest reaction would be to rescind any federal grants that may go to such projects, even if it forced local Municipalities to pick up the freight.

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