Thursday, June 8, 2017

What's Wrong With England's Labour Party?

Well, pretty much the SAME thing that's wrong with America's Democratic Party, by valuing "multiculturalism" above all else (remember Hillary Clinton's refusing to acknowledge Sharia's anti-homosexuality even in the wake of the Pulse Nightclub carnage) they put ALL multiculturalism at risk.

Should the Labour Party win (NOT an expected outcome), Jeremy Corbyn would become Englsnd's Prime Minister.

THIS is how lost Jeremy Corbyn is, so blindly devoted to the ideal of "multiculturalism," that, he, like his fellow travelers can't distinguish between different cultures that hold similar moralities and that of two antithetical and incompatible moral codes, as Sharia morality and Western morality are.

In the wake of the most recent London terror attacks, Jeremy Corbyn believes that supporting ISIS is no crime, just merely expressing a political view.

He's argued that people who support the Islamic State should not be prosecuted for merely “expressing a political point of view”.

The Labour leader has condemned the criminalizing of support for ISIS to British MPs as mere “value judgments” and claims that holding such a view is not in itself “an offence.”

When asked by one Conservative MP if he believed ISIS fighters should be subjected to special measures upon their return to Britain, Mr Corbyn suggested they shouldn't be prosecuted for “expressing a political point of view”.

He's claimed, “I have no support for ISIS whatsoever, and obviously that (criminal penalties) should apply to someone who has committed crimes, but we should bear in mind that expressing a political point of view is not in itself an offence.

“The commission of a criminal act is clearly a different matter, but expressing a point of view, even an unpalatable one, is sometimes quite important in a democracy."

How bad is Britain's terror problem? It's been reported that appx 850 British men and women have left to go to Iraq and Syria. About 130 are thought to have been killed and an estimated 350 have returned to the UK. supporting the violent overthrow of Britain's government, with the goal of establishing a global Islamic caliphate merely “a point of view”?

THAT'S how far gone the West's Left is now! So devoted to the FAITH of "multiculturalism," that it cannot see the threat to multiculturalism that traditional (Sharia-adhering) Islam poses. More than willing to make the most dire "value judgments" about fellow Westerners that don't share their ideology, they're unwilling to make any such value judgments about those from other cultures.

Sadly, the West’s political Left has become a major part of the anti-Sharia world's problem.

I think Kevin Klein in "A Fish Called Wanda" expressed my own sentiments about the Western Left best in this clip, at about the 45 second mark

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