Thursday, June 8, 2017

WHAT a DISGUSTING Deutsche!...

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Katy Perry

In the wake of the Manchester bombing, soft-porn music bimbo Katy Perry spewed the insipid suicidal mantra of "No barriers, no borders, we all just need to coexist." (…/katie-perry-on-manchester-bombi…/
) What a f*cking IDIOT!

I'd be happy to embrace Sharia just long enough to stone this brain-dead tart to death...or sail her off the roof of a 10-story building. In truth, I kinda like Sharia's gruesome punishments, only (for the most part) I'd restrict them to actual crimes, like murder, rape, pedophilia, attempted murder, torture without murder, etc Although lately I'd be willing to make a few other exceptions. (Hidee Ho Katy!)

TRUTH is, we DON'T "all need to coexist." In FACT, there's NO money in coexistence. There's no pot-O-gold with that rainbow...just global oppression, under a global feudal state.

The MONEY...the investment within the "global economy," lies in it or not, bad as it is...the money that makes the world go round, generally has stemmed from Defense Contractors investing in armed conflict. Interestingly enough, cosmetic/plastic surgery, rocketry and lots of other nifty technology we use every day now originated from warfare. As horrific and wasteful as war is, even perpetual war is preferable to global oppression under a feudalistic tyranny.

Moreover, most wars aren't "chosen," they're thrust upon the American Revolution, the American Civil War, World War II and the current wars with Jihadist Islam.

Sharia morality is incompatible with that of the West.

Since I'm NOT a female adulterer, I'm NOT an apostate and I'm NOT a gay... I suppose really have no vested interest in protecting those who DON'T seek protection from a moral code that would slaughter them, BUT I oppose it because it is a threat to the West's way of life.

In fact, Katy Perry and the rest of America's Hollyweird stooges represent everything the Muslim world HATES about the West. Hollywood's nihilistic decadence even disgusts many traditionalist Americans, but it is tolerated because we believe in free expression and the free exchange of ideas.

Since Miss Perry and other insular celebs can't seem to understand that, PLEASE just refrain from political discourse and do what you you do best, which in her case SEEMS to be singing and batting her eyes a lot!

Islam is rooted in Sharia and America has NO RIGHT to seek to change that. They have every right to stone female adulterers to death, demand that women wear veils and maintain modest dress at all times when in public, sail gays from rooftops and slaughter apostates (those who give up Islam) their OWN countries!

They have every right to fight for their own moral code...and the West MUST also fight for its own!

IF the West is so far gone that it no longer has an overarching/unifying moral code...then perhaps it would be better if Sharia morality winds up forced upon us. Maybe THAT would wake us up.

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