Thursday, June 8, 2017

This was NOT a "Random Murder"

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20 y/o Earl Allayne Jr. (Center) and 51 y/o victim  Viktor Yashchyshyk (Sides)

I've said forever that inter-racial crimes are virtually ALL "racially motivated." I say that ONLY because it's self-evidently TRUE.

In such crimes the assailant seeks out and targets a victim of a specific race.

Despite that truth, I DO NOT support "Hate Crimes" laws. "Hate Crimes" are "THOUGHT crimes," that seek to punish people more for their views than for the act itsekf, which denies other victims of their Constitutional right to "equal protection under the law."

A black person, unfortunate enough to be killed by another black gets LESS "justice" than one killed by a white, or Asian.

That SHOULD BE an outrage to every decent American.

Of course, I strongly support much harsher penalties for violent crimes, despite opposing our modern death penalty. I oppose our squeamish, modern death penalty precisely because it's too sterile. A proper and Just death penalty would be delivered by firing squad or hanging (the condemned's choice).

BUT make no mistake, these acts of "random inter-racial violence" are NEVER random.

) is not only right, but he's one of the only people reporting honestly on this issue.

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