Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sooo, WHAT Are They Calling COINTELPRO Now-a-Days?

Image result for AntiFa kill white children

THIS caught my eye ( Lowlife AntiFa THUGS threatening to murder white children in a genocidal taunt.

Now, I’m no fan of AntiFa, in fact I see them as absolute, fascist scum, BUT the blatant stupidity of these kinds of threats made me think twice.

After all, once upon a time J. Edgar Hoover's FBI had a program called COINTELPRO which sent agents undercover to infiltrate various groups, from run-of-the-mill Anti-war groups to the Weather Underground.

It turns out those agents had instructions to generate violence that could engage the other protesters and be potentially criminally actionable. In other words, government agents were tasked with committing felonies in order to get other protesters arrested and demonize those groups.

All of that and more was exposed by a 1971 FBI Office break-in that released many secret papers. That break-in is the focus of a film called 1971 (

As a result of the subsequent exposes, COINTELPRO and other such programs were disbanded.

Of course, government never actually scuttles such programs, they simply rename and reorganize them.

There's no reason to believe that such programs aren't alive today, albeit in more sophisticated forms.

Paranoid as I am, I have to wonder whether this is our rogue Intelligence Community/“Deep State”, frustrated by a lack of Right-wing violence, looking to tweak, or inspire some with stuff like THIS.

Thoughts like that just run through my mind when I see things like this. Of course, I HOPE I’m wrong...

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