Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sadly, THIS is the TRUTH

Our Anti-Nationalist/anti-American media IS very much complicit in the Leftist violence that’s been building since November.

The American people Left & Right oppose ANY form of global governance. We overwhelmingly reject Socialism's eradication of private property, recognizing that no government has EVER produced goods and services nearly as effectively as the private sector. Venezuela's death rattle began after the Chavez government nationalized the oil industry and promptly mismanaged it.

Most KNOW that it's only the richest 1% (and a few lackeys) who oppose Nationalism and support globalism/One WHERE does this antipathy between Left & Right cone from other than the "team sports" mindset of the "Low IQ locals"?

To the Leftist dupes (that’s those who aren't independently wealthy and running major global conglomerates), I'd say, "It's NOT your fault, you were duped. You were mis-educated, then had an organized media constantly drum ridiculous themes into your heads.

You CAN get past this. You can, in fact, you owe it to yourselves to educate yourselves post-College. You've been focused on the wrong enemy.

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