Thursday, June 8, 2017

Paris Accords Did NOTHING For Environment, but LOTS for Global Redistribution...

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ON closer inspection, the Paris Accords amount to a wealth transfer scheme, with the U.S. paying the bulk of the freight. China, whose economy is set to surpass our own in 2018 is a RECIPIENT!

Even Europeans are motivated SOLELY by financial gain. Energy is more expensive in Europe and this pact "levels the playing field," on that score. (

Oh yeah, and the "environmental payoff" is MAYBE a 0.03 degree Farenheit drop in global temperatures...depending on how excessively the BRIC's (Brazil, Russia India and China) pollute.

THIS is about globalism/One Worldism. This is what that looks like. Global redistribution...LESS of what America produces for Americans and MORE for everyone else.

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