Thursday, June 8, 2017

MORE "Fake News"...Over Portland's "Nazi" Stabber

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Jeremy Joseph Christian

Our Anti-Nationalist media is reporting the Bernie Sanders-LOVING Portland Stabber, Jeremy Joseph Christian, as being a "Right-wing Trump supporter," when, in fact, it turns out that he's a far-Left Bernie-supporter.

So, it turns out that Jeremy Christian is a devout AntiFa fascist. WHY is THAT a surprise?

Fascism is rooted in Socialism. Benito Mussolini was the leader of Italy's Socialist Party, before stumbling upon the ONLY way working people would "embrace" Socialism, through the violent intimidation of his "Black Shirts."

The fascist movement began in Italy, under Benito Mussolini, formerly the head if Italy's Socialist Party. The term fascism stems from the Italian term fascismo, which is derived from the word fascio meaning a bundle of rods. So, fascism, like Socialism, values the hive, or community over the INDIVIDUAL, exactly the opposite of the individual values enshrined in our Constitution.

That same tactic was eventually adopted by Hitler, Stalin and Mao and remains the blueprint for advancing Socialism's tyranny against the will of the majority of the working/productive population of a country.

Some may WANT to see this as an "honest mistake" by our media. It's certainly much more comforting to think that...but unfortunately it's NOT.

They KNEW that Andrew Joseph Stack III (the guy who flew a small plane into am Austin, TX IRS Office in 2010 quoted Marx, hated Big Business, reviled organized religion and was...a registered Democrat. (…)

They KNEW that John Patrick Bedell (the guy who was killed after wounding two Police Officers at a Security Check Point, in attempting to shoot up the Pentagon in 2010 was, as Patterico's Blog said, "An Anti-Bush Nutcase and 9/11 Truther." (…/pentagon-shooter-anti-bush-nut-case…/). John Patrick Bedell was also...a registered Democrat.

Of course, in BOTH cases, our media reported the men as "Right-wingers."

FAKE NEWS is obviously NOT a new phenomenon!

This comes to reason # 19,874,658 why NO ONE should trust America's media.

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