Friday, June 9, 2017

Is "Staged News," FAKE News?

Actual "crowd of Muslim protesters against London attacks

CNN's framed TV shot of that protest

I'd say, YES.

Look at the two pictures of the SAME CNN-staged London event. In the first, it's obvious there's a handful of Muslim protesters holding signs saying, "ISIS will lose," and "#England" and "#London," but in the second, the one CNN used on TV, the crowd fills the camera lens, making it look like the street was filled with such protesters.

THAT'S "fake news."

CNN's Corporate masters want them to claim, "Islam has nothing to do with terrorism," that, "Islam is a peaceful religion," just as they insist that the Katy Perry's of the world goad their fans to "COEXIST," even as they hide behind high walls in gated communities!

The TRUTH is that Sharia Law, which mandates death for homosexuals, female adulteresses, apostates among others is CENTRAL to ISLAM and NOT "radical," or "fundamentalist" Islam, but traditional Islam.

Traditional Muslims revile the West:

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