Friday, June 9, 2017

A Western Social Justice Warrior Learns Sharia Morality First-Hand

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AntiFa Activist Lacy McAuley

The gist of the article above should be, religion isn't something you play with.

Islam's Sharia morality mandates DEATH for apostates (those who leave/abandon Islam), so IF AntiFa activist, Lacy McAuley married the Turkish Muslim she writes about, then as a female she is already considered Muslim, as the property of her husband.

She should NOT be permitted to leave Islam. She entered into it freely.

I absolutely refuse to believe that there are ANY Westerners who aren't aware that (1) Sharia is central to Islam, (2) Sharia MANDATES death for female adulteresses, homosexuals, apostates, among others.

Are we also supposed to believe that such people are so ignorant of history that they don't even know that Hitler believed that, "Had Germany had a warrior religion, like Islam, or Shintoism, it would've been even more fertile ground for Nazism." He lamented that Christianity, which enshrined "Charity," which Nietzsche called "the curse of Christ," was a part of Judaism's plot to destroy Europe.

All that is historical fact, whether such dimwits know history...or not.

Sharia's moral code makes absolute sense to ALL true Muslims. ANY Westerner who believes Sharia morality has no place on earth is indeed a xenophobic, bigot, BUT ANY Westerner who doesn't understand that Sharia morality is completely and utterly incompatible with Western morality is indeed a complete idiot!

Lacy McAuley made her decision..."made her own bed," so to speak, and is now part of "the Muslim world." By Marrying a Muslim and moving to a Muslim country, she has forsaken Western culture and Western morality.

For her to now bristle over being "a man's property" is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS!

I'd stone her to death for being part of this fascistic AntiFa movement.

Happily, for me, it appears she may be stoned to death by Muslims for being an apostate.

Surely Allah knows, she richly deserves that.

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