Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sunny Hostin Kinda, Sorta Justifies Political Assassination

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Sunny Hostin with Friends on The View

In asking, "Did...Trump provoke his attempted assassination," View co-host Sunny Hostin (an affirmative action baby) has unwittingly rationalized killing people because of their views, opinions and ideas. (

NOT rationalizes the killing of terrorists, or people who support genocide, like those favoring mass migration to Europe and the resultant European genocide, no, Ms. Hostin rationalizes the killing of someone who may, or may not have "given offense" to jihadists, Mexican criminal cartels and abusive trading partners.

This is one small step for stupid people (like Hostin) and a giant leap backward for mankind.

In her idiotic attempt to rationalize the attempted assassination of Donald Trump Ms. Hostin's justifies the murder of socialists from Sanders to Chavez and Corporatists from the Clinton's to the Bush's.

Is THAT the world Sunny wants? One in which anyone who disagrees vehemently with another is justified in trying to kill them?

There's never a rationale for "selective outrage."

In FACT, if anything, there's far MORE justification for the murder of Leftists & socialists. Chavez' policies have CAUSED Venezuela's current crisis, just as Stalin's caused those of the former Soviet Union...which today is a nation even more Capitalist than the USA, with a FLAT TAX!

Sad, but TRUE, Adolph Hitler came the closest of any world leader in making socialism work. It took slave labor to do that, but that monster do come the closest. Apparently affirmative action "babies" like Sunny Hostin are blithely unaware of such facts.

This is yet another example of the tragedy of segregation, in our current age, in the tragic segregated standards of "affirmative action."

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