Monday, May 30, 2016

What Opponents DON’T Understand About “the Trump Phenomenon”

CNN's Fareed Zakaria

On this past Sunday's (5/29/16) show, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria asked the question made popular by a young Washington Post reporter, “Trump claims he wants to ‘Make America Great...AGAIN,’ so what period of time is he referring too?”

That inanity posits that Trump is referring to history, when, in fact, he’s referring to the size of the American bureaucracy. One could claim it’s the 80s that he's referring to, although Trump doesn’t say that, as the 80s were a period two decades past the most explosive growth in the American government, in the wake of the JFK assassination.

BUT the 80s were merely the last period when “smaller government” seemed to be in fashion, politically and philosophically. In actuality, it hasn’t REALLY been in effect since before FDR!

A far better critique of Donald Trump is that he’s been “short on specifics,” and Trump has often been "short on specifics" in a variety of areas.

However, the idea some people have that those who'd vote for Trump see him as some sort of "savior," is wrong.

Donald J. Trump started out as a much deserved "thumb in the eye" of the GOPe (who’d wantonly ignored their own base at their peril), but has become a thumb in the eye of the entire political establishment AND our corrupt, incompetent media.

Bernie Sanders is a nice, albeit naive old man, once thrown out of a Commune for "lack of work." Bernie Sanders is that nice guy, whom it’s often said about, “It's just too bad he's such a horse’s ass.”

STILL, "The kids" LOVE Bernie's message of "more and better free stuff." Most of those dopey kids will, of course, become Conservatives when they eventually start working and paying their own bills...and taxes.

Hillary Clinton is Jeb Bush, dualing Corporatists. Once Jeb and Rubio were out, all that Koch brother money went to...yup, Hillary. They know a bought & paid for career politician when they see one. Funny how the media doesn't have a problem with "the evil Koch brothers" when they're funding their guy...or gal.

Obama is the same, as well. I was actually worried that Barry Sotoero was going to be a daffy Bernie Sanders type at the start, nationalizing the banks, the auto industry, etc., but NOPE, he cozied right up to the billionaire bankers who run BOTH political Parties, the media and fund Academia. Smart move.

Turns out that what Barry, Hillary & Jeb all know that Sanders apparently doesn't, is that Corporatism WORKS, while the Command (government-run) economy DOESN’T.

Trump knows this too, but he also knows how corrupt and broken this entire political system really is AND he knows that if the tax system can be meaningfully reformed, to a Fair Tax, or Flat Tax, a major way pols reward BIG DONORS (via tax loopholes, etc.) will be gone.

A Trump COULD do far more to fix a broken system than anyone else running, short of the Libertarian nominee, but NONE of the other major candidates really want to fix the system...well, maybe Bernie, but he's unfortunately clueless.

That's why, right now, I'm probably voting for "the thumb in the eye," UNLESS somehow Libertarian candidate and former governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, can persuade me that another LP vote won’t be a wasted one.

The anti-Free Speech Left ("Progressives") has been a gift from the political/media class and ironically enough, a boon to Trump. It’s a naive, misguided and dangerous movement and it’s been that for awhile now. The Black Lives Matter Movement is an outgrowth of that, which has also been promoted and financed by BIG Corporate donors and gleefully embraced by the political/media class, together they make for an effective bogey man for Trump to play off.

AND it’s not that hard to play off such movements, as they’re virtually entirely based on lies. For instance, in 2015 police in the USA killed 987 civilians, virtually all of them were attacking police (assailing a cop with your hands amounts to "attempted murder of a police officer" because you're assumed to be going for that cop's gun) at the time...50% of those killed by cops were WHITE, 26% were BLACK. As Heather Mac Donald has noted that violent crime rates would indicate that far more than 26% of those killed being black. 40% of all cop killers have been black, but the BLM movement has sought to make black thugs sympathetic. That serves the existing prevailing political agenda of further alienating various ethnic/racial groups and polarizing people along non-ideological/political lines.

One of the saddest things about our current political climate is that successful, hard-working blacks are often encouraged to see the travails of dysfunctional blacks as leverage for themselves. The black middle class gets “preferences” and other “set-asides” that everyone knows poor, dysfunctional blacks can’t take advantage of, so the poor suffer, so that the more well off, get even more freebies. That's sad.

Fact is, little IS, or even CAN be done to save dysfunctional people, black, white, or other from THEMSELVES.

Mike Brown and Eric Garner were dysfunctional people. Decent blacks have no more in common with them, than I do with Jeffrey Dahmer and Bill Ayers.

Unfortunately, emotion often overrides reason. That's what our corrupt political/media class relies upon.

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