Friday, May 27, 2016

A Not so Funny Story...

Feeling the Bern?

Turns out that America's favorite "socialist," got kicked out of a "socialist"commune for refusing to work. (

Yup, that's Bernie Sanders....slacker.

“Endless political discussion,” and a distaste for actual work allegedly resulted in Sanders being asked to leave the commune," according to Kate Daloz, author of, We Are as Gods.

EVERYONE who claims to believe in "socialism," sees themselves as part of the "philosopher class," that pontificates on social theory all day, occasionally visiting the "happy peasants" doing all the actual labor. That's what Bernie thinks "socialism" is and that's what these dopes ( think it is too!

Dolts like Sanders are THE reason so many slackers think "socialism" is  for them! Imagine, a delightful utopia in which, "No one HAS TO work UNLESS they really WANT TO." The fatal flaw in that demented idea is found in the obvious question..."Then WHO would WANT TO?" Of course, slackers never get that far. Which is WHY they're SLACKERS in the first place!

In REALITY socialism comes down to a giant work camp in which 99% of the people are peasants, living miserable lives, slaving away for the "good of the state," while the 1%...the SAME 1% who are reviled now, run everything.

That 1% isn't just rich, they have the connections too.

So for all those dopey dreamers who see themselves as some sort of philosopher, or perhaps a supervisor....guess again. Those spots are already taken. YOU will be working in a mine, or on a farm somewhere. THAT'S what "socialism (the absence of private property & profit) comes down to.

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