Saturday, March 12, 2016

Trump as "Obama II"

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There are ALWAYS a lot of wacky ideas going around. One of the wackiest and desperate ones going around now (originated by Ted Cruz) is that "Donald Trump will deliver Obama-II."

If I were more cynical, I'd think that perhaps Cruz or his surrogates have been reading my "Obama has delivered G W Bush's 3rd & 4th terms" routine these past few years....but I get the feeling the Cruz' surrogates, at least, are more likely "well viewed," than "well read."

While it's true that Trump has donated heavily to BOTH Democrats and Republicans, it's also true that THAT is how "business gets done in today's broken system."

The idea that Trump supporters are Obama supporters is....well, pretty dumb. While many registered Democrats, who are as angry as any group over our broken political system, have come to support Trump (…/ditch_and_switch_trump_may_be.html). The SAME national media that routinely rigs interviews for Ms Clinton (…/…) is now going out of its way to try and convince Americans that "Trump = Hitler." You can't make this stuff up!

Fact is, Trump is a VERY flawed candidate and the vast majority of his supporters know that. He's ALMOST as flawed as the petulant and personality-challenged Ted Cruz, the Corporatist twins of Jeb & Hillary, the "100 year old Socialist," or the whiny "Jeb Bush protege" Marco Rubio....ALMOST, but not quite.

They're ALL flawed, but what's worse is that the system is broken...and we don't even have an accurate assessment of how broken it really is. Gauging by the anger swirling around, it seems pretty broken.

Trump has inexplicably tapped into the anger millions of people who've worked all their lives for little reward and empty promises. How he did that was simply by being...NOT "them." The "them" being those who support the "establishment" in both Parties, or even think the "establishment" can be saved, or somehow reformed. It's proven immune to reform.

THAT'S why Donald Trump has had this improbable run - the "anger" the media talking-heads speak of, is actually a powerful "RAGE."

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