Thursday, March 17, 2016

The GOPe’s REAL Dilemma

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The problem isn't with the "Trumpsters," it's with the GOP itself.

I'm a lifelong, registered Democrat...a "Pat Buchanan Democrat," is how I put it, although now-a-days, I'm probably more of a "Pat Buchanan Independent." I've rarely voted for a Democrat for national office, BUT I STILL revile Country Club Republicans worse that ANY group around. I would've very possibly switched allegiances had that Party wisely sided with the right-thinking PJB over the fatally flawed Bushies back in 1992.

Like virtually ALL Conservatives I'm AGAINST In-Sourcing cheap labor, primarily because I'm a lifelong UNION worker and also because, while my side has early & often made arguments that pretty much go, "Well-paid, well-pensioned workers with good benefits packages do more to improve an economy than grossly overpaid CEOs and that higher wages do NOT put much of an upward pressure on overall business costs," while the other side (if it even really exists, outside a few Hedge Funders and Corporate CEOs), has NOT made ANY real arguments against that.

Like most Conservatives I'm also firmly AGAINST multi-culturalism, ESPECIALLY the inane idea that ALL people, ALL CULTURES are interchangeable. Along with that, of course, I'm strongly opposed to race/gender preferences, or "segregated standards."

On so many other issues (abortion, gay rights, etc) we can agree to disagree among ourselves, as they are mostly "side issues."

The GOP "establishment," or GOPe has NOT been aligned with right-thinking Americans on either of those main issues....and NOW, they must either change....or simply get out of the way.

The GOPe is right to fear Trump. What Trump represents is a hostile takeover of the original Corporatist Party in America. Corporatism was championed by patrician GOP haters of America's working class, like the incredibly overrated and cartoonishly mythologized Teddy Roosevelt. TR started the very FIRST Progressive (Corporatist) Party in America.

Corporatism IS "Progressivism."

Where do the calls for In-Sourcing (cheap labor) and Out-Sourcing factories and jobs come from? PRIMARILY, they come from our own MULTI-NATIONAL Corporate suites.

Likewise, where did the original and ONGOING calls for multi-culturalism come from? Yup, SAME suites! Like CitiBank's recent internal memo telling workers there that terms like "husband" and "wife" were no longer "appropriate" and MUST BE replaced with "non-judgmental" terms like "partner."

The enemies of Conservatism are NOT the unwashed and ineducable mutts in the OWS or BLM movements. Most of those folks are fur-bearing dolts. No, the REAL hardcore enemies of REAL Conservatism are in Corporate America, the Corporatists who own the media and control BOTH major political Parties.

The idea of "riots" should Trump NOT get the GOP nomination even having the most delegates by far is nonsense....working people don't "riot." What happens is all those votes....all those Dems (like me) 
and others who've crossed over to vote FOR Trump, most of that 60% increase in "GOP voter turnout" simply....just goes away.

The GOPe are NOT the only ones who'd rather see a Hillary than a Bush, or "Lehman Brother" Kasich, or Rubio....I and most of those Trump voters would too.


Because at least Democratic "Progressives" are honest and upfront about their support for In-Sourcing and multiculturalism...and HONESTY counts for a LOT. I disagree with, even revile those positions, BUT I KNOW that the GOPe holds those very SAME positions but dishonestly acts as if...they don't.

That's the reason Leftists could always get away with extra-Marital affairs and other underhanded things we wouldn't tolerate from Republicans and Conservatives....the Dems were HONEST and upfront about flaunting convention and NOT adhering to the rules those others swore to.

See how that works?

It's NOT a "double standard" IF you've embraced the standard and your opponents have not.

Here's the thing, the GOP as currently constituted CANNOT be saved.

Moreover, it SHOULDN'T BE saved, because it's NOT worth saving. We already have a Corporatist/Progressive Party in the Democrats, we DON'T need another. Besides the Democrats are actually better at selling that.

I've always thought that we Conservatives would have to find some way to re-takeover the Democratic party and bring it back to its original, Southern "Boll weevil" roots, BUT Trump has given the populist, REAL Conservatives a chance to steal the GOP from the effete, Progressive GOPe of Lindsay Graham, the Bush's the McCain's, the Hatch's, etc.

You know, perhaps it'd be GOOD if the GOPe screws Trump. It'd prove to everyone that BOTH major Parties work hand-in-glove to suppress the "will of the people." It may also very well drive those populist Tea Party Conservatives who've supported Trump may be forced to find common ground
with populists across the political spectrum (many of them ALSO oppose In-Sourcing and "segregated standards" when its put to them correctly) and maybe a new coalition, a ruling coalition could built from that!

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