Saturday, March 5, 2016

The GOP Has Already Violated The "Deal" it Made With Donald Trump

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In the wake of the "establishment" debacle on Super Tuesday, the GOP's "establishment is proving that BOTH major Parties are in league with each other, to maintain the cronyism and corruption of our ongoing Corporatist state overseen by professional managers from "the political class."

Should the GOP continue to angle for a "Brokered Convention" then Donald Trump SHOULD run as an Independent.

Ironically enough, Trump could probably WIN as an Independent!

He's attracted BOTH "Progressive" Democrats and "Low Information Voters" (often one in the same) and could really hurt Hillary Clinton whose suffered through an incredibly low Democratic voter turnout throughout the current Primary Season.

Moreover, should someone like Mike Bloomberg jump into the race, it's far more likely than not that a Bloomberg candidacy could siphon much needed votes from Clinton and very few from Trump.

The difference between the Democratic/"Progressive" elite and the GOP elite is the difference between stupidity/incompetence and evil.

Going back to the Carter years, Jimmy Carter naively decided to abandon the Shah of Iran (a secular, American ally) "come what may"....and what "came," was radical Islam getting a toe-hold in the Middle East.

That was shear INCOMPETENCE.

Years later, George Bush Sr. did a similar thing to Saddam Hussein. ONLY this was after Saddam Hussein had been a stalwart American ally for over a decade, helping to fight our proxy war against Soviet-backed Iran. Hussein was also a secular, pro-Western Mid-East leader.

Only in THIS case it wasn't was shear, unadulterated EVIL. Once Bush Sr didn't need Saddam Hussein to help fight an illicit war, he couldn't wait to stab him in the back.

That's the kind of move ONLY a true scumbag would make.

Now, instead of embracing a business titan whose bringing all sorts of new voters and greater Republican voter turnout than we've seen in decades, because Donald Trump is NOT part of the GOP "establishment" and can't be counted on by the Corporatists, they'd rather scuttle the election and see another Clinton in the White House...proving that the 2 major political Parties really are joined at the proverbial hip.

That too, is pure and unadulterated evil on the part of the GOP's "establishment."

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