Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Some Basic Observations, August, 2015

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Bernie Sanders Confronted by (Hillary paid for?) BLM "Activists"

(*) Hillary vs. Sanders: While I can’t prove it (yet), I firmly believe that Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been paying BLM (Black Lives matter) “activists” to attack and try to silence the Bernie Sanders campaign. It’s “The Clinton way.”

(*) Trumping Conservatives: To the charge that “Donald Trump’s NOT a Conservative,” that misses the point! Trump is the ultimate “No confidence” vote, a platinum plated “No” vote, as in, “NO to the political/media class.” Moreover, just WHAT, exactly, have all these bona fide “Conservatives” done for Conservatism? Even with BOTH Houses of Congress and the Presidency (under G W Bush) we DID NOT anything like a Conservative surge.

(*) Trust Lost is NEVER Gotten Back: With its overt sandbagging of Donald Trump, FNC proved that it’s as much a part of the corporate media as ABC, CBS, CNN and NBCSorry Roger, once lost, that trust FNC had with many Conservatives has been unalterably broken.

Many Conservatives, including the likes of Mychal Massie and Mike Savage have long acknowledged that "Fox News is no less Corporatist than any of the other media outlets." They're right!

(*) Tough Times for Mayor BeBlasio: With the grade fixing scandal and the apparent “fudged” investigation (lead investigators have worked under Carly Fiorina), the amateur response to the Legionnaires outbreak in the Bronx, on the heels of an ill-conceived war against Uber, it’s fair to ask, “Can this Mayor do ANYTHING right?”

A LOT of this comes down to timing. Donald Trump assails the criminal aspects of illegal immigration (it’s actually a VERY SERIOUS economic issue – IN-SOURCING) and suddenly, as if on cue, a spate of serious crimes by illegal immigrants makes Trump look prescient. By comparison, Bill DeBlasio assails Uber and is flooded with complaints from workers and the riding public that back him off, in a disorganized retreat, then gets blind-sided by an apparent citywide grade-fixing scandal and an outbreak of Legionnaires disease in the Bronx.

The optics tell the story. One guy looks prescient, the other guy confused and disorganized. THAT’S a problem for any elected official.

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