Tuesday, January 14, 2014

FINALLY!…They’ve Charged a Knock-Out Game Player With a HATE CRIME…Yup....he's WHITE!

Eric Holder

The hopelessly inept Holder DoJ FINALLY stepped up and charged a vicious teen who assaulted an elderly man with a hate crime!

A Texas man, Conrad Alvin Barrett, 27 was charged with a hate crime after brutally punching a 79 y/o man in South Texas.

Of course, as it turns out, Conrad Alvin Barrett is white and his elderly victim is black. The media seems focused on this particular crime because it goes against one of the major media narratives about the Knockout Game that it is being played mostly by groups of black youths against white and Jewish victims.”

Funny story...OK, not so funny...THIS is, to date, virtually a singular event, in an astounding 99+% of the cases the perps are black and the victims white, and predominantly Jewish in major urban areas.

Another twist in this particular saga is that Conrad Barrett’s attorney is suggesting that his client is suffering from bipolar disorder and thus isn’t responsible for his actions. Hey! Why not affluenza? I mean if this punk doesn’t live in a trailer park, why not throw that bullshit against the wall as well.

White Knockout Game Player
Conrad Alvin Barrett

Bottom line, Conrad Alvin Barrett SHOULD be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Texas did that with Shawn Berry, Lawrence Russell Brewer and John King – James Byrd’s killers. Two were sentenced to death BEFORE Texas had a “hate crimes” law.

My own issue with “hate crimes” is that ALL violent crimes are motivated by hate, so such crimes, in effect, claim that racial or ethnic hatred is somehow worse than class envy or other kinds of hatred. That is clearly NOT the case and no one, to date, has ever made a compelling argument for that erroneous claim.

“Hate crimes” laws discount a black victim’s suffering at the hands of a black perp, and a white victim’s suffering at the hands of a white thug without ANY rationale for denying THESE victims “equality before the law.”

The best thing this case can do is to expose the incompetence and hair-brained malevolence of the Holder DoJ. THAT would be a very welcome development.

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