Monday, June 25, 2007

Marriage as Hate-Speech Case Filed with US Supreme Court

The Pro-Family Law Center has challenged Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and United States District Court rulings finding the terms "marriage," "natural family," and "family values" to be hate-speech. The case involves the threat of termination of employment by the City of Oakland against two of its employees who used such words on an employee bulletin board.

(PRWEB) June 6, 2007 -- The Pro-Family Law Center of Southern California filed a free speech case on behalf of the City of Oakland's Good News Employee Association with the United States Supreme Court on Monday. The petition for certiori requests that the Supreme Court undo prior rulings of the Ninth Circuit and United States District Court which held that certain speech by the petitioners could be censored by the City of Oakland.


This IS the real agenda of many of the supporters the “gay Marriage” agenda.

In United States District Court, Case No. CV-03-03542-VRW, the California federal courts concluded that the terms "marriage," "natural family," and "family values" could be censored in a municipal workplace as hate-speech and in the interest of "administrative efficiency."


To those who revile “patriarchal America,” THOSE words ARE all “hate-speech,” but banning those words based on the offense of anti-traditionalists, should then open the door for banning any pro-gay petitions too, does it not? If "offense" is the standard, for such things, then bar ANY and ALL, to do otherwise seems evidence of a pro-gay bias.

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