Thursday, November 2, 2017

Weaponized Words

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There are people who look to "weaponize" words and use them to silence others (racist, Nazi, fascist, etc.)

Ironically enough, it's the people most prone to using words as weapons who most exude authoritarian ("Nazistic"/"fascistic") tendencies. They have a name for those who use such tactics, "Cry-bullies."

Most often they're hopelessly ignorant. Hopeless because they're not open to facts. People like that often see facts (FBI crime stats, actual race and gender wage scales, the science and math that prove Socialism's Command Economy CAN'T work, etc.) as "racist, sexist, homophobic, fascistic," etc.

They're so easily angered because, facts/reality undermine what they want to believe. Ironically enough, these people often claim to "support science" without understanding it.

They deride "faith-based" religious thinking in others, while engaging in it themselves. Science is never "settled." Most Climatologists DON'T agree with the Al Gore viewpoint. When presented with the views of those scientists, faith-based, emotional thinkers react like 16th Century religious fanatics did to heretics.

While I think an openness to dialogue and tolerance of all views is generally a good thing, what CAN'T be tolerated are those who'd seek to shut down others with weaponized words. They need to be called out on that and countered with facts, NOT as much for themselves (mostly they're hopeless), but so that other "emotional thinkers" aren't encouraged/emboldened by their successfully silencing others.

It would be one thing if such people were merely confused, but they generally tend to be hateful and meanspirited, as well. A combination that leads to their hopelessness.

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