Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Fatal Flaw in Collectivism

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IF you feel healthcare is a right, then you must think food, clothing and shelter are even more basic "rights"....EXCEPT, of course they're NOT "rights" at all, they're COMMODITIES that some people produce and sell to others at a profit and that is quite literally, HOW an economy works...ANY/EVERY economy.

Government cannot produce a single thing. NO government has ever built a car, grown a crop, made even a single shoe.

What government CAN do, if enough of us WANT and SUPPORT it doing so, is forcing those "greedy profit making producers" to make all those things and provide them to all free of charge...or, more aptly, produce those things, then deliver them to government so that government can then make sure it's all equitably divided and delivered to ALL...kind of like SLAVERY, also known as Socialism's Command (government-run) economy.


You know what all those "greedy producers" do under such conditions?

They refuse to work and produce much, because there's nothing in it for them. Moreover, NO ONE, from the richest, to the poorest among us is willing to simply surrender what we each PERCEIVE to be "OURS." That’s why Stalin "HAD TO" purge the Ukrainian land owners and why Mao "HAD TO" eradicate China's small business owners. That kind of "greed" cannot be tolerated under Collectivism.

As a result, government turns to people...well, goons and thugs, to be honest, the kinds of monstrous humans who happily make people disappear in the night. They contract with monsters like that, NOT to make the "producers produce more," BUT to make EVERYONE work and slave 10, 12, even 16 hours each day, 6 days a week...every man, woman, child and produce the bare necessities, and believe me, they'd do just that...they DO IT every time.

Moreover, they'd NEVER tire of "making examples of people," even when such examples are no longer needed and the populace is fully intimidated, they'd still make some folks disappear...because they LOVE killing that much.

THAT is life under Collectivism (socialism, communism, etc).

In 1974 a little known math prodigy, who was at Dartmouth at the time proved, with 97 pages of equations, that Collectivism CANNOT work, but the market-based economy, in which EVERYTHING'S for sale and NOTHING'S free works extremely well.

That paper is widely known and well understood by "the global financial elite," but remains buried somewhere in the bowels of Dartmouth University's library, as that young math prodigy sold it to a banker, who posed as someone looking to publish that paper.

At any rate, I think I kind of explained WHY the market works and the Command Economy doesn't WITHOUT all those pesky quadratic equations that tend to make most people's heads hurt.

Suffice to say, it's for the BEST if we just let all those "greedy producers" keep on producing the commodities we all need at profit, because in the end...WE are ALL those "greedy producers" one form, or another.

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